Rep Your Hogwarts House With These 'Animal Crossing' Custom Design Codes

by Sophie McEvoy
Courtesy of Sophie McEvoy

Animal Crossing has always given players multiple ways to express their creativity, but New Horizons takes this to another level thanks to its new customisation tool. It’s a welcome addition, especially for those who want to incorporate their favourite films into island life. One film that has found a new life in Animal Crossing is Harry Potter, with one Twitter user @capsulebutt going so far as recreating the house common rooms to the most minuscule detail. If you too want to integrate some Hogwarts magic into your game, here are the best design codes for Harry Potter fans in New Horizons.

While you can’t create your own items in-game, the customisation tool lets you add your own twists. This is achieved through the Custom Designs app on your Nook Phone, the Custom Design Portal at the Able Sisters store, or through the customisation option on your workbench. For the latter, you’ll need customisation kits, which you can buy in the cupboard at Nook’s Cranny. Most DIY projects are customisable, but stuff you buy from Timmy and Tommy are a little more limited.

But for things like furniture, mugs, flooring, wallpaper, and clothing, you decorate them with custom patterns. You can either create these yourself through the Custom Design app, or you can use designs created by other players by interacting with the Custom Designs Portal in Able Sisters. You’ll need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription to use this, however.

In the portal, you can either search for designs by Design ID or Creator ID, which can be found on the screenshots being sharing on social media. Once you’ve found the design you want, you type in the ID, download and save it to your Custom Designs app, where you’re free to use it on whatever items can be customised.

New Horizons hasn’t been out for that long, but there are already plenty of Harry Potter designs available on the Custom Designs portal. Whether you’re after clothing from the films or just magical designs in general, here are just a few of the best Harry Potter designs currently on Animal Crossing right now.


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For a more casual uniform look, @3Eiki's designs are great to wear your house colours with pride.

Creator ID: MA-3565-3447-7198

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If you're after the iconic scarfs, @DearNixy deffo has you covered. It's perfect if your island is in a colder season as well.

Creator ID: MA-9137-4634-7613

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@Renaxyx has provided even more options in styling your Hogwarts outfit with a scarf, this time with a blazer. Magical. They've also made three different versions for male, female, seniors, with the additional option of a robe.

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It's not all about the uniforms though, especially for those who want to unleash their inner Umbridge or Snape. Thankfully @Renaxyx has come up with these amazing designs.

Creator ID: MA-9627-0779-5344


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There's nothing as magical as the moon, and @ellaphyfer's recreation of this lunar Urban Outfitters rug is perfect for a witchy abode.

Creator ID: MA-3193-2433-2697

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Those majoring in Herbology, these mushroom patterns by @spatterdocks are fit for a magical plant and fungi theme.

Creator ID: MA-0066-0469-7996

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If you're more interested in the Dark Arts and Potions, these spell books and book case designs by @MeishaliART will provide an instant classroom feel.

Creator ID: MA-8448-4977-9907

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@fairrytype's witchy bedding is perfect for any Hogwarts student, whether witch or wizard — Ravenclaw's especially.

Creator ID: MA-8852-3701-3380

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There aren't really many shelves to customise with your own items, but this spellbinding shelf design by @adult_witch is a fantastic replacement.

Creator ID: MA-0402-5022-9510


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@Katou_acnh's moon phase designs are a perfect starting point for an astronomy-themed room or classroom.

Creator ID: MA-1942-2688-6127

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While you can display insects and fish in game, there's not much choice in terms of customisation. Luckily @spookybri found the solution with these designs, and has even incorporated creatures you can't catch.

Creator ID: MA-4524-1159-2071

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Flower pressing would be an amazing mechanic to have to dec out a botanical lab, but for now players can utilise @yutamota2's designs.

Creator ID: MA-0040-4101-9181

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Whether you want to use them as paintings or wallpaper, @AcnhCatalogue found these perfect witchy kitchen designs by this player to use.

Creator ID: MA-1737-1852-7829

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If you're more inclined to a pastel witchy theme, this crescent moon design by @melicorn is the perfect addition to your abode.

Creator ID: MA-5606-9634-6678


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You can start creating Diagon Alley on your island with @newleafgrl's witchy storefront sign.

Creator ID: MA-7036-1546-4573

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@mintchipmage has created yet another amazing addition to your future Diagon Alley designs with this potion stand.

Creator ID: MA-0260-7053-5263

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Same goes for @Riris_Drawings, who has provided players with a magical fortune teller booth.

Creator ID: MA-6228-6062-9382


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A sprinkle of magic dust and sparkles by @kelseycrosses goes a long way in making your isle seem like the Wizarding World.

Creator ID: MA-4777-4613-6966

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And if you want to spruce up your paths with some astronomy and sparkles, @_hanaryuu's got you covered.

Creator ID: MA-2282-7103-7771

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While not utilised in Harry Potter, there's nothing more magical than a magic circle — especially one like @kokronis's which is impressively detailed. It consists of 9 pieces in total, which you can find on their design page via their Creator ID.

Creator ID: MA-5682-6849-0603

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If you want a subtle nod to magic and folklore across your island, these adorable little toadstools by @CalpicoCalico do just the trick.

Creator ID: MA-1587-4645-5973