These Holiday Gift Ideas Will Make Any Traveler's Life Better

Whether they’re currently out of town or planning their next big trip, some friends always seem to be in travel mode. They’ve got more pictures of airplane wings silhouetted against the sky than a typical social media influencer and more stamps in their passports than an airline pilot. They may have even accidentally paid for coffee with a foreign currency (more than once). You’re never quite sure which city, state, or country they’re currently in, and you communicate mostly via DMs — when they have access to WiFi, that is. If your globetrotting friends have managed to turn their insatiable wanderlust into a way of life, figuring out what to get them for the holidays will be easier than racking up miles on a frequent flyer card.

We've teamed up with Google Pixel 2 to bring you all of the essential gifts your intrepid travelers will need the next time they hit the road (or sky, or sea). From so them updates, to the most practical necessities, to the I-can't-believe-I've-been-traveling-without-this items, these gifts are the best thing since TSA Pre-Check. It's time to start shopping — and maybe get inspired to book your own exciting adventure — before your friends take off again.

Google Pixel 2

Google Store

Give them quality and quantity. The Google Pixel 2 lets them take pro-level shots wherever they are and has unlimited storage for photos and videos. Win? Win.

Away Luggage


If your jet-setting pal's luggage has put on as many miles as they have, then they’re probably due for an upgrade. The Carry-On size is perfect for someone who’s accustomed to packing light and comes with a built-in USB port, so they can charge their phone (no matter how remote the location).

The Ultimate Travel Toothbrush


They'll never have to waste money on an overpriced airport toothbrush again. This travel-friendly electric toothbrush comes with a grab-and-go wall mount and hygienic cover.

Jewelry Roll

Kate Spade

Accessorizing on the road can be a struggle (looking at you, tangled necklaces). Keep odds and ends organized in this clever case, which can fit makeup brushes, watches, rings, bracelets, and more.

On-The-Go Blowdryer


Help your friend keep their hair in check: This blowdryer is as easy as fold and go.

Passport Cover


Protect their passport and customize it to their taste all with one very useful gift. Who said travel documents can’t look good, too?

Travel Adapter


Keep your friend connected wherever they are with a portable USB adaptor. Bonus? Less chargers = more luggage space.

This post is sponsored by Google Pixel 2.

Design: Carla Campos/Bustle.