These K Beauty Sheet Masks Are Under £5 Each & Totally Cruelty Free

K-Glo Beauty

Korean beauty is bigger than ever, and its influence can be felt everywhere in our skincare. There have been some pretty "out there" trends recently, including using unique ingredients on the face for skin benefits (snail slime, I'm looking at you). But arguably the best product to hit our shores from Korea is still the humble sheet mask. And these K-Glo sheet masks are all under £5, and are a great, affordable way to get in on the trend. Not heard of K-Glo before? Here's everything you need to know about the brand.

K-Glo is a Korean masking brand that is completely cruelty-free and vegan, and is available in the U.S and The Netherlands in stores such as Etos. The small but well formed range is also now available in the UK at, and everything there is sold for under five pounds. Intrigued? I don't blame you.

Boots currently sells four of the brand's offerings, which we will get on to in a bit. However, there are actually seven products in total, four of which are for the face, one for the eyes, and two for the hands and feet.

The face masks are all made from professional-grade, bio-material bio-cellulose, which harbour the power of 100 percent vitamin-infused coconut juice. Coconut juice is known for its super intense hydrating properties, and for bringing lacklustre skin back to life. K-Glo claim that their face masks are 2-3 times more hydrating than regular sheet masks, and that they are ultra cooling, and the perfect fit for the face as they are slip-proof.

The hand and foot masks are currently not sold at Boots, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that, if the brand is successful, we will soon get the whole range. Both masks have two-layer sock and glove shapes, which are enriched with super nourishing oils to flood dry hands and feet with moisture. The brand also explains that the hand and foot masks fit snugly around the hands and feet in order to create a warming effect for the product to penetrate more effectively. The hand mask features star anise, safflower seed oil, and allantoin, while the foot mask contains sage and Alpa Hydroxy Acids Lactic acid and Glycolic acid.

The firming face mask is also not currently available at Boots, but is best for boosting the skin's elasticity and for targeting fine lines. It also helps with dullness, and the ingredients list includes coconut juice (ofc), okra, and immortelle.

Now onto the good stuff: what you can actually currently buy. Here are the four eye and face masks currently available: