Here's How You Can Help Families Of The Las Vegas Victims From Anywhere In The Country

Drew Angerer/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The massacre of 59 people at a country music festival on the Las Vegas Strip is difficult for those who attended the concert, the people of Las Vegas, and the country as a whole. But there will be nothing harder than what those who lost someone are going through. The death of a family member or friend will be unbearable for possibly years to come. And it's not just the emotional distress. With potential medical bills and funeral costs, these families will also face financial burden. One way to help the families of the Las Vegas shooting victims is monetarily.

They will have enough to deal with without scrapping together enough to bring the body of their loved one home, and paying for the many costs associated with burial. Add on medical bills, and these families really do need everyone to pitch in. If you have something to give, consider a donation to a GoFundMe campaign or another online fundraiser that has been set up for the victims' families.

On Monday, Clark County Commission Chair Steve Sisolak, together with the Sheriff Joe Lombardo, created a GoFundMe, "to provide relief and financial support to the victims and families." On Tuesday morning, it had raised almost $3 million of its $3.5 million goal. That goal was increased from $1 million and then $2 million, but it is still perhaps not enough. $3.5 million distributed amongst the 59 families affected, and that's still under $60,000. With burial and medical costs, that may not be enough, and if the wounded are included, it will surely fall short.

Sisolak is running for governor, and he donated the first $10,000 to the campaign. He's also been active on Twitter thanking those who have been able to donate. "I'm truly overwhelmed by the outpouring of donations to the Las Vegas Victims' Fund from all over America," he wrote. But Sisolak has also stressed that more money is needed. "I'm overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from the Las Vegas community & beyond. We need more donations, every penny will be put to use," he added.

In addition to the global campaign, there are some that have been set up for the families of individuals who were killed. One is for the family of Christopher Roybal, a veteran who was killed on Sunday. A family friend, LeeAnn Klein, wrote about him and the goals of the campaign. "He had the biggest heart and was loved by all his family & friends. He is a military veteran and one of our dearest friends. We are raising money to help his family with funeral costs," she wrote. As of Tuesday morning, they've surpassed the $15,000 goal by more than $3,000.

In addition there's a GoFundMe for a Disneyland employee who was killed, Carrie Barnette. "A loving sister, daughter, aunt, and friend was taken away far too early during the Las Vegas massacre," the friend who started the campaign, Chrissy Alhasan, wrote. "A family is never prepared for a tragedy like this so we are asking for everyone to take a stand and say this is unacceptable. Every penny will help so please donate to the family." They've currently raised $2,775 of a $5,000 goal.

If you've read about a victim, or of course know one, feel free to look for a way to donate to their family in particular. If not, there are a number of online funds. One was started by the YouTube personality Casey Neistat. He has over 7 million subscribers on his page, and he's recorded a video and started a GoFundMe to get them to donate to those affected in Las Vegas too. He's raised $192,000 of a $1 million goal. All the money will be donated directly.

So if you have the financial means to consider one of these fundraisers, make a donation and a difference today.