These Matching State Keychains For Long Distance BFFs Will Make You & Your Bestie Emotional

by Callie Tansill-Suddath

Friendship is one of the richest aspects of life. Having someone you can relate to on an intimate level without judgment is absolutely vital — and something that often does not receive the credit it deserves in contemporary, romance-focused society. But, chances are you and your best friends won't live in the same place forever (I'm dealing with this right now). Did you ever think you'd find the perfect gift for you long-distance best friend in Cedar City, Utah? Thanks to these long-distance best friend keychains and the power of the internet, you just did.

These adorable keychains are based on an idea similar to that behind those best friend necklaces everyone wore in middle school. But keychains are a little more subtle and perhaps more sophisticated than the glitter-covered jewelry Claire's made best. Rather that professing your love through fluorescent plastic, you can dedicate your companionate devotion through handcrafted, custom-etched aluminum.

These keychains are custom made by artisan TheLonelyMoose, who, according to his profile, specializes in "creat[ing] custom made personalized hand stamped keepsakes and uniquely crafted jewelry with a minimalistic style." Each comes with a state-shaped charm embellished with a dotted line and heart, and an accompanying metal tag that reads "Miles apart but close at heart" (or whatever else you'd like it to read — it's customizable). One state is engraved with an image of an airplane.

Long Distance Friendship Keychain, $29.99, Etsy

One order includes two complementary keychains. Customers can choose to model their keychains after any U.S. state (including three separate Hawaiian islands), a number of Canadian provinces, as well as various other countries including India, China, and Spain. The set retails for $29.99 and takes approximately two to three weeks to create and ship. And the concept is clearly a hit — the listing has received over 1,500 reviews to date, with most being five stars.

If you're looking for something that alludes to location a little less, TheLonelyMoose also makes matching keychain sets that are not shaped like anywhere in particular. Perhaps you would prefer a mini dog tag (in copper) or minimalistic bars (like the ones on the state keychains). The retailer also makes a significant amount of simplistic jewelry wholly unrelated to relationships — like these paper airplane necklaces, for instance.

But, if it's the personal nature of a long distance best friend gift that has your interest piqued, there are loads of options on Etsy that aren't jewelry.

Long Distance Friendship Best Friend Soy Candle, $23.00+, Etsy

Looking for a gift that perfectly captures the way your bestie sets your heart aflame? Look no further than a candle — the best-smelling flame. This soy candle from DefineDesignEtc comes in over 35 different scents and two different sizes (nine ounces and sixteen ounces), so you can add a really personal touch.

Best Friends Glass Set, $28.70+, Etsy

You're never too far away to grab a drink with your best friend — at least, according to this set of glasses by seller MixingSpirits. Plus, they're not just personalized with an outline of state — the etchings on the glasses are personalized down to the location of the city where the recipient lives.

Best Friend Sign, $15, Etsy

This sign by GretasHomemadeGifts is the perfect gift for someone who wants to put their friendship on display. The two states painted on contain the names of the gifter and recipient, and are joined by a dotted line. The sign is finished with the quote "Distance means so little when friendship means so much" at the bottom. It gives off some major big-little vibes.

Anyway, if you made it all the way down to the bottom of this post, odds are you gotta call your long distance bestie, STAT. No keychain or fun little trinket will ever replace the real thing — but at least it will help you feel close to each other until you get to be again.