"Make America Fierce Again" Is Trending On Twitter

Elijah Nouvelage/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Following the much-anticipated premiere of the fourth season of John Oliver's show, Last Week Tonight, a litany of "Make America Fierce Again" tweets began populating Twitter. These tweets took Oliver's joke about making drag queen and reality show host RuPaul the future Democratic president to the next level, inspiring a wave of creative and passionate commentary.

During the show, Oliver was discussing the importance of ensuring that Democrats and Republicans alike maintain an objective sense of reality and focus on truthfulness. Oliver then joked that verifying facts and reality was particularly important for the Republicans, "just in case the Democrats ever find their own appealing reality star to win back the White House — RuPaul, for instance. Make America fierce again."

As many know, RuPaul is a reality show host who hosts RuPaul's Drag Race, which searches for America's next "drag superstar" under the guidance of RuPaul. As you can imagine, the reference to RuPaul, as well as the catchiness of the hashtag #MakeAmericaFierceAgain, drew an array of people to share a variety of creative tweets and memes. These tweets run the gamut, from serious to over-the-top, but all share a common passion for "making America fierce again."

1. RuPaul for President

This tweet features a still from Last Week Tonight in which Oliver promotes the #MakeAmericaFierceAgain hashtag and (facetiously) suggests that the Democrats seek to get RuPaul elected President.

2. Power Heel

Nothing says "fierce" like powerful, presidential high heels featuring stars and stripes.

3. Top Model

This Twitter user reminded everyone that the importance of being "fierce" was originally highlighted by Tyra Banks on America's Next Top Model.

4. Fierce Fact Checking

Referring to Oliver's appeal to the public to pay particular attention to separating fact from fiction during the Trump administration, this Twitter user pointed out the "fierceness" of fact checking.

5. Fierce Education

Oliver revealed on his show on Sunday that he plans to take American "fierceness" to a whole new level by running ads on television in Washington, D.C. in order to educate Trump on facts with which Oliver believes Trump is unfamiliar, including the nuclear triad, among other topics.

6. Queen B for Commander-In-Chief

A Twitter user seemingly proposes that Beyoncé could restore America's "fierceness."

7. The Fierceness of Rationality

A Twitter user praises John Oliver's return to television, expressing his gratitude that Oliver seemingly serves as a voice in reason in very uncertain times.

Overall, John Oliver's "Make America Fierce Again" hashtag helped inspire both levity and passion among social media users, who certainly made the slogan their own and helped promote it as a fantastic counterpoint to the "Make America Great Again" slogan that the Trump team so readily espouses.