These Hilarious 'Masked Singer' Memes & Tweets Will Make Guessing Even More Fun

If you haven't watched The Masked Singer yet, you might be wondering what all the hype is about. But if you have watched the series premiere, you're probably hooked after just one episode. These Masked Singer tweets and memes include plenty of guesses about who could be behind the animal costumes — fans are already eager to know more about the contestants.

Inspired by a South Korean TV series, the show has a premise that, honestly, sounds like a joke from Community. Yes, it's pretty ridiculous, but it's also fun. Celebrities — who may or may not be singers IRL — are wearing elaborate costumes while singing different tunes each week. And the panel of judges, along with fans at home, can guess who's behind each mask.

In the premiere episode, the show's "Hippo" was revealed to be NFL player Antonio Brown. But that still leaves the Peacock, Unicorn, Monster, Deer, and Lion as unknown singers. Fans are already sharing their guesses on Twitter, though, and some of the theories don't sound too far off.

Many fans, for instance, think the show's first performer, the Peacock, could be Donny Osmond.

It's hard to know for sure, but I'd also guess that the ones who suspect it's Neil Patrick Harris are onto something. The How I Met Your Mother actor is a known lover of magic, and the Peacock was seen holding a hand of cards before his performance. Plus, Nicole Scherzinger said she was getting "magician vibes" from the Peacock's Greatest Showman-inspired performance — and he admitted he's been a part of a magic act. And even with the voice changer, the Peacock's speaking voice did sound a lot like Harris'.

For the Monster, a good number of people are convinced it's T-Pain. He does have a pretty distinct voice, and the judges agreed that the Monster seemed to be an experienced performer.

As for the Lion, some fans are convinced it's Khloé Kardashian — but others thought she was the Unicorn, too.

Others thought country star Carrie Underwood could be the Lion.

And Tori Spelling was also a popular guess among Unicorn fans.

And some people thought the Deer was Peyton Manning, while others guessed Terry Bradshaw.

The contestants' identities aside, plenty of people couldn't resist making jokes about the new show. For instance, there were a number of jokes about The Masked Singer's contestants being the Philadelphia Flyers' mascot, Gritty.

Others couldn't resist making jokes about the show's premise and costume choices.

The show is just getting started, but it's clear that fans are already very invested in finding out who these singers are. In the meantime, expect plenty more jokes about how ridiculous the show is — but in a good way. It's lighthearted and entertaining, and in the dead of winter, that's not a bad thing at all.