These Super Bowl Loss Memes Hurt

by Alex Gladu
Jamie Squire/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

On Sunday, the New England Patriots beat the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI in Houston, Texas. After weeks of political chaos and uneasiness across the country, there was nothing like the biggest football game of the year to bring a few hours of peace and quiet. Things didn't stay quiet for long, though, as memes about the Falcons losing the Super Bowl kept social media users active throughout the night.

The Falcons, who came into Sunday's game as the underdogs, dominated much of the game. At halftime, they led the Patriots by 18 points, scoring three touchdowns before the Patriots could make their way to the end zone. The second half seemed more even, with the Patriots tying the game shortly before the fourth quarter wound down, leading to the first overtime ever played in a Super Bowl.

For the Patriots, Sunday's game was an opportunity for quarterback Tom Brady and head coach Bill Belichick to secure their fifth Super Bowl win. For the Falcons, it was an opportunity for the franchise and quarterback Matt Ryan to win their very first Super Bowl. The stakes were high on both sides of the field, but the post-game memes were just plain ruthless, as the [team] didn't quite see their opportunity through.

I'm Back

Patriots fans shamelessly celebrated the comeback.


The comeback clearly left quite the impression.

First Half Vs. Second Half

This one goes out to all the Snapchatters who filtered too soon.

You Played Yourself

It's never good when this DJ Khaled line applies to your situation.


Ruthless, I tell you. Ruthless.

Falcons Fans IRL

It's a sad, sad night in Atlanta.

Steve Harvey

When in doubt, ask Steve Harvey.

Rigged Game

Was it the refs? The drones? The halftime show?

Sean Spicer

You heard him: The Falcons won!

The Shower

TBH, this was the only memorable Super Bowl commercial.

How Dare You

Tyra believed in you, Falcons. So many people believed in you.

Almost Had It

The Falcons were so close — yet so far.

Falcons' Locker Room

These are the times Drake's songs were made for.

Going Differently

I'm pretty sure even Patriots fans saw that going differently.

No Chance

Well, this is awkward.

Rise Up

There's always next year, Falcons fans. Then, you'll be in a brand new stadium, too.

Cheering Up

Finally, let this totally adorable mom cheer you up!

Although they didn't finish the game with a win, the Falcons had a remarkable season. Standouts like Ryan, wide receiver Julio Jones, and outside linebacker Vic Beasley, Jr. aren't going to be forgotten in the off-season.