These Teeny Lipstick Holders Will Save Your Lippies From The Black Hole That Is Your Bag

Any person who carries around a bag knows how quickly that thing turns into a black hole. To reach inside means you have to navigate around a maze of CVS receipts and pen caps, rogue mints and forgotten bobby pins, making it super difficult to pinpoint that one thing you're actually rooting around for. And those who like to wear lipstick know the struggle when it comes to locating the tube in the depths of what has become a Mary Poppins bag: It's just impossible. Half the time you have to dump out the contents of your bag and reorganize everything in order to find your lippie. Well, there is now a hack for that annoying scenario, and it has to do with a clever key-chain. Cuyana's mini lipstick purses are small key-chains that you can clip to the side of your bags, and they will keep your lipsticks separate and handy.

"We dreamt up a playful new essential for the modern woman who is always moving. Our lippy pouch is the perfect piece for stowing your lipstick in style, and was designed to clip on to the pieces you already carry every day," the product description reads.

And not only is it a pretty leather case that you wouldn't mind clipping to your favorite purse, but it also comes with a hidden mirror on the inside flap that helps you apply your lipstick on the go. They really thought of everything!

Lipstick Case, $60, Cuyana

It was designed in San Francisco by the accessories brand Cuyana, and made in Turkey using Italian pebbled leather. Your favorite lippie will have a plush and luxe home, where the inside has microsuede interior lining, and it comes with a gold tone dog clip and chain to make it feel expensive.

Depending what kind of color purse you gravitate to on the daily, the lipstick cases come in two different colors: nude and navy.

Lipstick Case, $60, Cuyana

The blush colored case will look amazing with taupe-colored or brown bags, and comes with a contrasting red stripe for a sporty touch.

Lipstick Case, $60, Cuyana

The navy tube would be a nice accent to a camel colored bag, and has a white racer stripe in the back to give it a little more style.

You can only fit one lipstick tube at a time in here, meaning you're going to have to play favorites with your lippie collection.

While it does come with a relatively steep price — $60 — the sting of that price tag is offset a little with a Bite Beauty promotion that's linked with this accessory launch. While supplies last, you can get one free Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick with your purchase, which normally retails at $26. It comes in the shade "Rhubarb," which is a rich plum hue (but swipes on like a darker natural-lip color,) and happens to be one of the brand's best sellers.

Bite Beauty's Amuse Bouche Lipstick, $26, Sephora

A bold and creamy color, it has 4.6/5 stars on Sephora, with over four thousand reviews. 3,500 of those reviews are five stars, and 900 of them are four stars, so suffice it to say this is an awesome freebie gift.

If you're tired of always losing your lippie in your bag, and are in the market for a new natural-toned lipstick color, then these clever clip-on lipstick cases are here to save the day!