These Movies Will Make You Want To Travel Alone ASAP

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Movies can inspire you to travel the world with a group of pals or your significant other, but there are also plenty of films that might give you the urge to drop everything you're doing to take a trip alone. Whether they're showing the breathtaking environments of different countries or exploring the beauty of the U.S., films often offer an inspiration to travel, making viewers want to replicate what they saw onscreen with their own retreats and experiences.

In recent years, interest in traveling alone has become more common, and it's now incredibly easy to take a solo trip abroad or in your own backyard. If you’ve ever wanted to travel alone but have been too afraid (like me), make this year the year to think it over and try something new. I made a vow to myself to travel along this summer, either in the U.S. or overseas, after being inspired by seeing my close friend go to London on her own. To pump up your own inspiration to do the same, check out the films listed below, all of which might encourage you to do some traveling alone in the near future.

One Week

This 2008 indie film follows the motorcycle trip of the terminally ill Ben Tyler (Joshua Jackson), a school teacher, from Toronto to British Colombia’s Tofino. On his solo trip, he makes stops in a number of landmarks to find the true meaning of life before he gets married. The movie is somewhat sad, but it will encourage you to do some self seeking on your own solo trip. One Week is available to stream on YouTube and Amazon.

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Stella Got Her Groove Back

40-year-old, recently divorced Stella (Angela Bassett) is looking for some time to get away from the hum drum of everyday life. So she and her friend Delilah (Whoopi Goldberg) plan a trip to Jamaica to soak in some sun. On her travel adventure as a single woman, Stella finds new love with a handsome 20-something (Taye Diggs), and while she doesn't end up traveling alone, this movie will still make you want to have some fun in a tropical place all by yourself. Stella Got Her Groove Back is available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and YouTube for streaming.

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Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter

Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter is about a quest in which the imagination leads the hero to explore a place unseen. After discovering a VHS copy of Fargo, a jaded office worker (Rinko Kikuchi) believes it's a treasure map and travels to Minnesota to hunt down that "treasure". The movie is available to stream on iTunes, Vudu and Amazon.

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Into The Wild

Deemed one of the best travel films ever, Into The Wild follows the true life story of American adventurer Christopher McCandless (Emile Hirsch), who abandoned his life after his graduation to travel across America and hike in Alaska. McCandless' journey showed the spontaneity and freedom of solo travel culture, plus the discovery that can come with it. Unfortunately, the movie's ending is upsetting, but it will have you thinking about how you spent your time on earth exploring. For you aspiring travel junkies, Into The Wild is available on Vudu, Amazon and YouTube to stream.

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Eat, Pray, Love

I can't mention solo traveling without putting Julia Roberts' solo film Eat, Pray, Love on the list. The book-turned-movie has become a travel staple since its release in 2010, and although it got mixed reviews, it's lived on as a reminder to live outside the box by making traveling a priority. Eat, Pray, Love is available on Google Play and Amazon.

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This movie is the ultimate encouragement for women who want to solo travel. Reese Witherspoon plays an inexperienced backpacker who goes on a 1,100-mile quest across the U.S. after her mother's death. Like most of these solo travel movies, it's an amazing story of self discovery; however, it shows the strength of womanhood and bravery. Wild is available on Google Play, Amazon and Vudu.

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The Way

The Way follows an American father (Martin Sheen) who travels to France to claim the body of his estranged son, who was killed on the Camino de Santiago trail in Spain. Drawing complete strangers into friendship along the way, his experience causes him to reexamine his life during his long, 500-mile long journey. The Way is available on YouTube, Vudu and Amazon.

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The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

Walter Mitty (Ben Stiller), is a guy who hates his job and dreams of a more exciting and adventurous life. As he works to find out who he is, he breaks out of his shell and becomes more confident. The film is a reminder that life can be an adventure, if you're willing to find it. Sometimes we need to be pushed outside of our comfort zones to find out who we truly are. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is available on iTunes, Amazon and YouTube.

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Under The Tuscan Sun

Based on the book by Frances Mayes, Under the Tuscan Sun tells the story of a recently divorced writer (Diane Lane) who ends up impulsively buying a fixer-upper villa while on vacation in Tuscany. Not only does she find a new place to live, but she has a brush with romance along the way. Under The Tuscan Sun is available on YouTube and Amazon.

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Queen follows the journey of Rani (Kangana Ranaut) a young Delhi woman, who goes on a solo honeymoon when her wedding is canceled. Rani goes through a metamorphosis, from naive to independent, after she discovers what she really wants. Don't worry, the movie is available with English subtitles. Queen is available on YouTube, Amazon and iTunes.

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Now after watching at least one of these films, do a little research and find the place you wouldn't mind exploring on your own. You never know where your courage might take you.