These "NYC Strong" Memes & Tributes Prove The City Will Never Let Terrorism Win

Spencer Platt/Getty Images News/Getty Images

On Tuesday, eight people were killed and nearly a dozen were injured when a man drove a flatbed pickup truck onto a busy bike path in Manhattan, near the World Trade Center. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio referred to the incident, which was perpetuated by a man claiming allegiance to the Islamic State, as a "cowardly act of terror." In the wake of the tragedy, people are coming together on social media, posting "NYC Strong" memes and tributes to encourage New Yorkers to remain resilient in the wake of tragedy.

Tuesday's terrorist attack is the deadliest in New York since that of September 11, 2001. It also occurred less than a mile from the World Trade Center, where the 9/11 attacks happened. As de Blasio described, the attack was "aimed at innocent civilians ... people going about their lives who had no idea what was about to hit them." The mayor also added that the act of terror was intended to "test our spirit."

New Yorkers have remained particularly strong in the wake of this tragedy — and many others. Indeed, many in the city were determined to carry on and not let terrorism win following the attack, proceeding to participate in the city's much-loved Halloween parade that evening. These memes and tributes demonstrate this resiliency and highlight why New York will always endure in the face of hardship.

Red, White, & Blue

One World Trade Center was illuminated in the colors of the American flag to honor the victims of the terrorist attack.

Terrorism Won't Win

New Yorkers remained committed to carrying on with their lives following the attack.

A Fitting Tribute

This user shared a photo of the statue of liberty to honor those whose lives were impacted by Tuesday's attack.

Forging Ahead

A video of New York's Halloween parade shows that its residents will not be intimidated by acts of terror.

The City Will Not Buckle

This woman offered words of praise and condolence in a touching tribute.

NYC Will Prevail

An author and professor at NYU praised the city's residents for fearlessly continuing to celebrate Halloween following the attack.

Standing Side By Side

This Twitter user emphasized the importance of unity in the wake of tragedy.

Hateful People Will Note Divide Us

A message of strength in unity and diversity was prevalent among many Twitter users.

You Can't Stop NYC

This iconic photo from New York's Halloween parade symbolized the city's fearlessness.

We Won't Stop Riding

Actor Jerry Wright emphasized the importance of continuing to use the same bike path on which the terrorist attack took place as a means of showing that terrorism cannot defeat New Yorkers.

The Strongest City In The World

This Twitter user expressed a sentiment shared by many.

Not Afraid

Many on Twitter indicated the importance of focusing only on honoring those who lost their lives and then moving ahead to prevent another tragedy -- and of not focusing on the individual who perpetuated the attack.

The Greatest City On Earth

This man described why New York's wonderfully unique diversity and attitude make it perpetually resilient.

Fearless and Courageous

This touching tribute epitomized why New York City will always endure.

A Symbol Of Freedom And Democracy

New York's Governor, Andrew Cuomo, described how New York City is championed as a symbol of freedom -- and why this reputation gives it strength.

The People Are What's Best

This Twitter user shared a jubilant photo of New York City's Halloween parade to show the strength of New Yorkers.

Living Better By Staying Together

This woman emphasized the importance of New Yorkers standing together following Tuesday's tragedy.

Always Enduring

This touching photo epitomizes the strength and resilience of The Big Apple.

Overall, the myriad "NYC Strong" memes and tweets show both the strength of New Yorkers in the face of tragedy -- and the boundless support they have from many people around the world as their city recovers from this attack.