These October 2018 Movies Will Make You Feel So Nostalgic

by Tatiana Tenreyro
Sony Pictures

Given how Halloween evokes your inner child, October is one of the best months for nostalgic flicks. With the spooky season approaching, there are plenty of movies coming out in October 2018 that will remind you of the things that used to scare you as a kid. There's the the upcoming sequel, Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween, which will bring some of your favorite creepy characters from the children’s novels to life. Then there’s also Halloween, the sequel to the iconic slasher flick and yet another reason to take cover whenever someone dresses up as Michael Myers for the holiday.

But the great thing about this month is that, besides the Halloween-themed scary flicks, there are others coming up that will remind you of your childhood without evoking any fear. These, of course, include Mid90s, Jonah Hill's directorial and screenwriting debut — a coming-of-age drama about a teenage skateboarder; as well as the next chapter of Rowan Atkinson’s James Bond parody, Johnny English. And then, on the superhero side, Marvel’s long-awaited Venom is finally out, delving into the complex character’s beginnings outside of the comics.

There’s no better way to bring back fond memories of your childhood than watching movies, and luckily these new releases will evoke those.


'Venom' (Oct. 5)

If you're a Marvel fan, chances are you know of Venom and have been awaiting his movie. We got a glimpse of him in 2007's Spiderman 3, but this one shows a different side of the antihero and features a tour-de-force performance by Tom Hardy.


'Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween' (Oct. 12)

This Goosebumps movie brings R.L. Stine's scariest characters to life, literally. When two boys find a manuscript written by the author, they accidentally release Slappy the dummy, who wants to create a Halloween apocalypse with the help of other characters. It's a must-see if your shelves were full of Stine's work, and perfect to take your kids or younger relatives to.


'Mid90s' (Oct. 19)

As the title suggests, this coming-of-age film is set in the '90s, telling the story of Stevie, a 13-year-old who grows up fast when he becomes friends with the "cool" older skaters.


'Halloween' (Oct. 19)

The original Halloween film is a horror classic with a huge legacy. Now Michael Myers is back, haunting Laurie and her family. It's three generations of Strodes in one movie, making this the most feminist take on the franchise yet.


'Johnny English Strikes Again' (Oct. 26)

If you grew up loving Rowan Atkinson's spy character Johnny English, you'll be happy to know he's back with a third movie. He's not as polished as James Bond, but at least he tries. And his next mission will certainly make you laugh.

October's the perfect time to wake up your inner child. So take a trip back to your younger self by watching these upcoming flicks.