You Can Give Your BFF Underwear With Your Face On So They Never Forget Your Love

I'm always looking for the perfect present for people I buy for. Whether it's a birthday gift, an anniversary treat, or a Christmas present, I always want to get something that will make them smile. And more times than not, I also want to make them LOL. There are plenty of jokey gifts that make people laugh, and are good to include as an extra side gift to lighten the mood, and I think I've just found the perfect one. Because you can now print your face on pants. Yes, you read that correctly. You can now print your face on pants. And you can package them up and send them to a loved one. Funny or weird? Maybe a little bit of both, but they'll certainly be a conversation starter.

These personalised pants with a face on by Prezzybox are equal parts strange, hilarious, and brilliant. Essentially, you just upload a picture of your face and you will see a preview of what your pants will look like before adding them to your basket.

The website describes this unique gift as:

"Great for hen dos, birthdays, every day wear, important meetings, etc, wear your chosen face with pride! Well... secretly. We do not condone wearing these pants, and these only, in public. Simply choose your fave noggin, and we'll deliver the best present you will ever give, ever. Or buy a pair for you, adorned with your chosen face. And they said you'd never have a chance with Tom Hardy. Well, scrrreeew them!"

I'm not going to lie, at £21.99, these aren't the cheapest pair of pants you will ever buy, but they're seriously good fun, and I'm not sure you'll find them anywhere else!

While these may not be for everyone, I have found some super fun alternatives to put your face on if the pants idea is just a little bit odd: