Obama Is Still Charming America's Babies

Pool/Getty Images News/Getty Images

If you're needing a pick-me-up in the current news cycle, you'll be happy to know that former president Barack Obama is still as good with kids as ever. Recently while at the Anchorage International Airport in Alaska, Obama took a photo with a baby after chatting with the 6-month-old's mom about how fast children grow. In the photos of their interaction, both Obama and the infant look equally happy to be there.

The world was blessed with this ideal photo op when the Alaska mom Jolene Jackinsky thought she spotted Obama at the Anchorage International Airport on Monday while waiting for a flight.

According to the Associated Press, Obama soon approached Jackinsky and her 6-month-old daughter Giselle and asked, "Who is this pretty girl?"

This was when the baby magic happened. In keeping with his legacy of loving children, Obama spent a few minutes chatting with Jackinsky about how fast children grow, while baby Giselle soaked it all in. The photos of Obama and Giselle's interaction blew up on Twitter on early Saturday, with many people on social media calling it ridiculous in the best way possible.

Hopefully, now that he has less on his plate as the former president of the Unites States, he can focus on spending even more time approaching parents and to talk about kids. At the very least, these beautiful moments will be less often couched between stressful meetings with world leaders.

According to reports from USA Today, and the precious photo proof, the bond between baby Giselle and the former commander-in-chief was instantly immortalized. Jackinsky told reporters that when Giselle's father arrived on the scene, Obama jokingly said, "I’m taking your baby."

And Giselle appeared pretty comfortable in Obama's arms. Also, her hat is doing the most in these photos. We might have a future Brooklyn-based fashion blogger on our hands.

"It was only five minutes but it was a moment that will last forever,” Jackinsky told the Associated Press reporter Rachel D’Oro. She added, "I think it’s unreal and pretty exciting that I get to have a picture with him and my baby. Not a lot of people get to meet him.”

Certainly, having a baby photo with a former president will prove itself a precious memory for Giselle as she grows up. In the meantime, the rest of us are loving the continued Dad legacy of Obama. It's only a matter of time until the next adorable photo of Obama with a baby circulates on the web. Until then, baby Giselle will warm our hearts.