People Marched For Puerto Rico & The Photos Will Help You Remember The American Way

by Samantha Mendoza
Scott Olson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Over two months after Hurricane Maria devastated the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico, thousands of citizens remain without a reliable source of electricity or access to clean water, and hundreds are fleeing the island for the U.S. mainland each day. For many Puerto Ricans, the Trump administration has done little to improve living conditions for the citizens who have remained on the island, and that's why hundreds gathered at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. for the Unity March for Puerto Rico to raise awareness about the current state of the island.

The rally, which was attended by Puerto Rican playwright and activist Lin-Manuel Miranda, listed a number of pleas on the Hispanic Federation website. Those pleas, which were directed at the federal government, include giving the same amount of aid to Puerto Rico as the government typically gives to states in the U.S. mainland, rebuilding Puerto Rico's infrastructure, ensuring that resources are delivered "where they're needed most," and forgiving Puerto Rico's debt.

President Trump has been criticized for what many deem to be an inappropriate, insufficient, and, according to some, racist response to the disaster in Puerto Rico. In the past few weeks, as the island struggles to rebuild, Trump has criticized the island's leadership, thrown paper towel rolls at residents in an aid distribution center, and even blamed Puerto Ricans themselves for the destruction on the island.

While it's easy to be outraged, it can sometimes be hard to remember that beneath the offensive statements and poor policy proposals are real people who have lost nearly everything and need government help to get back on their feet. Photos of the Puerto Rico Unity March are a powerful reminder of the thousands of people who are making sure their voices are heard so they are not forgotten and their rights are respected.

Puerto Rico Deserves Better

By The People & For The People

Some Pretty Noteworthy People Showed Up

And Even Kamala Harris Chimed In

There Were More Than A Few Jabs At Trump

Including Many Paper-Towel Themed Jokes

"This Is Not About Politics"

Puerto Rican Flags Surround The Capitol

This Is A Message Directly To Policy Makers

We Demand A Just Recovery

"I've Never Quite Seen Anything Like It"

Millennials Demand Change

This Kid Inspired Everyone

The March Continues

A New York Representative Shows His Support

We Are Together

Lin-Manuel Leads The Way

No One Should Profit Off Of A Disaster

Make Puerto Rico Great Again

Power For Puerto Rico

We Will Never Be Defeated

President Trump is currently traveling for the holidays and wasn't in the nation's capitol at the time of the rally to see the sea of Puerto Rican flags or hear the chants for unity and federal aid. But the demonstrators still proved that even months after Hurricane Maria, Puerto Ricans will not stay quiet, and their call for recognition has been heard loud and clear by people across the country.