These Pics Of Eminem’s Daughter Will Make You Feel Old

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
By Mathew Jedeikin

Get ready to feel ancient, because recent photos of Eminem’s daughter Hailie Jade Scott Mathers are making the rounds online and people are pretty much freaking out about them. Why? Because they're making all of us who remember the early days of Eminem’s career feel like we're old AF. Although I'm not a huge fan of Eminem per se (I respect his art, but personally couldn't get past his use of gay slurs), I definitely remember hearing songs where he rapped about his family and daughter on the radio back in the day. I mean, "When I'm Gone" and "Mockingbird" were undeniably huge hits in the mid 2000s.

As part of their "Celebrity Kids Week," E! News published an article about Mathers that first brought her photos to everyone's attention. Being that she isn't exactly new to Instagram, it's a bit surprising that everyone is just now talking about the fact that she's all grown up. But let's not get too distracted worrying about the why, and let's focus on the what — Mathers is now an adult who's old enough to legally buy alcohol. According to my Google research, Mathers was born on December 25, 1995, making her 21 years old.

Gosh, it seems like only yesterday that her father was rapping about his little girl, and now she's a fully-grown college student! According E! News, Mathers is a student at Michigan State University, and apparently "she's absolutely killing it academically."

Not only does Mathers post plenty of on point selfies to Insta, but she also shares pics of her adorable dog, Lottie, whom Mathers said photobombed her in the above picture.

Seriously, Mathers' Instagram game is legit. And thanks to all of the coverage she's getting Mathers will undoubtedly amass a decent following. Earlier today some sites reported that she had about 150,000 followers, and as of the time of the writing of this post she's already up to almost 180,000. What can I say, apparently people like the reminder that they're getting old.