Look At All These Precious Puppy To Doggie Transformations

If you're a pet owner, your furry friend feels more like having a first kid. And who can blame you? The love and attention it takes to care for your pet comes pretty darn close. So when 20-year-old Californian model Ally Stone asked Twitter to send her their pets transformation from puppies to dogs, hundreds of adorable photos started pouring in. After sharing that she would rather see dog transformations on her timeline instead of posting about her own fitness journey, people's responses proved that this was no laughing matter — in fact, it was just the cutest thing to go viral on social media.

Stone shared with BuzzFeed News that she's just as obsessed with dogs like many of us who follow those tiny food and puppy accounts. It's a craze you can't really describe, but you keep pushing "follow" and when asked you only use phrases like "But it's just so cute."

"I love dogs, I have two of my own," said Stone. "I admittedly spend way too much time looking at other dog Instagram accounts."

And in the midst of many things to be distressed in this big, sad world there is always a little humor that keeps you going. I'm going to take a wild guess and say that's exactly why people loved Stone's post.

Stone told BuzzFeed News, "Among so many devastating news stories these days a thread of sweet dog photos can make you smile." And smile they did!


Stone started with her own little "pooper(s)."

The responses were even cuter than Stone's use of terminology.

Just look at those eyes! How can you not smile?

Currently in cuteness overload! Send help.

Brace yourselves, this gets better.

It's like one minute they're a little thing that pees on everything, and then they become a big thing that begs you to take them out before they pee on everything.

Being this adorable should actually be a crime and we have Ally Stone to blame for it all.

People even started to create their own doggy parent lingo. I motion that "pupper" be adopted into the English language. Immediately.

This is probably how your real parents feel. Time flies, and before either of you know it, your baby isn't such a baby anymore. Even as you pine over the days your dog could easily fit in your purse, it's a joy to think that all of those tears over chewed shoes didn't go to waste. You are somewhat of a parent now! And even when you fail daily at this thing called adulting, at least your doggo at home is still rooting for you and thinks you're the best person ever.