Water Resistant Rainbow Highlighters Will Amp Your Unicorn Beauty Routine

If you can’t get enough pastel color and glittering glow, you’re certainly not alone. Unicorn beauty has been very trendy, and I mean, I get it. Why wouldn’t you want to unleash your makeup creativity and smear a little glitter on this season? These rainbow highlighters are water resistant and will surely change your beauty routine for the better. Because seriously, you've never seen a glow like this before.

These incredibly pigmented and sparkling products are coming to you by way of a company called Glitter Injections. They’ve recently launched BlindinGlow highlighters that are not only very colorful, but they’re also water resistant! So, what does that mean for your spring/summer beauty routine? Well, it basically means that you’re going to be able to frolic however your unicorn self pleases because whether you’re sweating it out in the park or swimming, your killer highlight will never fade.

Cream highlighters that can hold up through all of the pools and perspiration that summer can bring really are no joke. In fact — they’re pure magic as far as I’m concerned. You can add these incredible items to your makeup bag for just $20. So, go on and make a purchase because a product that can last through all of your adventures is just one “add to cart” button away!

Does it get more unicorn-approved than this?

It's hard to look away from these glow-givers. I'm mesmerized by those gorgeous colors.

To be honest, I've never seen anything quite like it.

Courtesy Glitter Injections

BlindinGlow in Fan Mail, $20, Glitter Injections

There are a few different iridescent options to choose from on the brand's website.

Courtesy Glitter Injections

BlindinGlow in Own The Stage, $20, Glitter Injections

And each one is just as impressive as the next.

Courtesy Glitter Injections

BlindinGlow Set of Five, $88, Glitter Injections

In case you can't choose just one favorite (and I mean, how could you?!), you can save money when you shop the bundle option.

If you need any inspiration for your rainbow-inspired look, you'll find plenty of tutorials like this one to get you in the mood to go full unicorn.

Once you get these rainbow highlights in your makeup bag, there's no turning back. Here's to all of the unique beauty looks to come!