'S-Town' Memes & Jokes Every Fan Needs To See

by S. Atkinson
This American Life

If you live for This American Life, spent sleepless nights listening to episodes of Serial back to back, you're doubtless just as psyched to get started with S-Town. And who could blame you? If you enjoy things like I enjoy things, then these S-Town memes and jokes are going to make your marathoning experience even better. Hosted by This American Life producer Brian Reed, he first stumbled on the story when a listener, John, emailed in about a man in his town who had been bragging about getting away with a murder. The subject line for his email? "John B McLemore lives in Sh*ttown Alabama." No wonder Reed was intrigued.

He started investigating three years ago, and things got weird pretty quickly — but no spoilers, because this only just came out. All you need to know is that some of the most prestigious people in podcasts are behind it, including Serial co-creator Julia Synder (who executive-produced), not to mention big names on its editorial team like longtime This American Life host Ira Glass and Serial host Sarah Koenig. So was it as good as the hype led us to believe? Let these memes whet your appetite for the podcast feast that you're encountering right now.


Because Clocks Are Key

I haven't listened to S-Town yet, but I know from the This American Life preview that a knowledge of antique clocks will be significant in this story.


Because It's Going To Be Like A Southern Gothic Novel

Having only browsed background information on the podcast, John sounds eccentric enough to be a shoe-in for literary immortalization.


When You Need A New Podcast To Get Addicted To

Then S-Town's got you covered. See you in April, world. I'm too busy marathoning this slice of audio perfection to leave my apartment.


Because Chapter 2 Will Hit You In The Feels

Prepare to be emotionally distressed.


Like Really, Really Hard In The Feels

It'll make you think, it'll make you weep. Which is basically all you can ask for from a podcast, right?


But Could 'S-Town' Have Dangerous Effects On Society As We Know It?

Will everyone strike until they're done listening? If the above's anything to go by, maybe.


It May Change You Forever

From overachiever to over-thinker. But why does red thread exist if not to tie together the disparate parts of a near unsolvable mystery?


It'll Tide You Over Until One Of The Year's Biggest Reboots

Because now you can wait a little longer for 2017's Twin Peaks.


You're Intrigued And You Can't Help Yourself

A rumored murder, a treasure hunt, and then add a sprinkling of family secrets? You are but human.


Because Podcasts Come And Go, But MailChimp Is Forever

The little black dress of podcast advertising.


Episode 2 Might Be The Most Popular One

At least according to my extremely scientific Twitter poll.


When Hollywood Comparisons Are Par For The Course

Because his voice is the sound of cosy knitwear? Hear and find out.


Because The Euphemisms Are All That And More

Given that all of the three people cited above are/were gay, presumably this is a euphemism for being LGBTQ?

S-Town's got the whole of Twitter a-buzz and it's only going to be a matter of time before you join them. Resistance is futile. Cancel your plans for tonight and get listening. After all, the worst spoilers are water cooler spoilers.