Women Can Finally Drive In Saudia Arabia & Their Reactions Are Pure Joy

Sean Gallup/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Do you remember the freedom you felt when you first got your driver's license? The endless possibility, the call of the open road? Well, thanks to a long-overdue change in the laws, Saudi Arabia's female population can finally experience that. And just by looking at these photos and tweets of Saudi women driving, you'll be able to see what an important moment it really is.

"I'm speechless. I'm so excited it's actually happening," Saudi woman Hessah al-Ajaji told Fox News. She was one of many woman who took advantage of the ban on women driving being lifted as soon as she possibly could, which was right after midnight on Sunday morning.

"I feel like I'm surprised — am I really driving in my own country? I feel happy, relieved. I feel like I'm free," Mona Al-Fares, a doctor who also took her husband and children for a ride soon after midnight, told CNN.

There's still progress yet to be made in Saudi Arabia in terms of women's rights, though. For example, CNN reported in May that four Saudi women rights activists had been jailed, soon before the end of the ban that they campaigned to lift. CNN also discussed the possibility that lifting the ban was less about women's rights, and more about the country's international reputation. Despite those issues, though, there is plenty to celebrate right now for the women who are finally getting behind the wheel legally in their country for the first time.


Put Yourself In The Situation

This looks like such a normal, everyday situation — but today in Saudi Arabia, it's cause for huge excitement.


Crossing The Starting Line

For some women, their first drive was accompanied by what appears to be a city-wide party.


A Neighborhood Tour

There's no doubt about it — the world looks different when you're behind the wheel.


A Special Spin

They look like naturals already.


A Deserved Congratulations

Did you also get a rose along with your first ride? No?


They'll Remember Those First Rides

Sara al Haj will probably remember that her first ever drive in Saudi Arabia was to her cousin's house for the rest of her life.


"No Word Can Express My Happiness"

One Twitter user expressed her excitement, happiness, and gratitude on the occasion of her receiving her license.


Firing Up The Engine

The time on this recorded Snapchat video is key.


Art To Commemorate The Moment

The Arab News covered the change extensively, and one of the most memorable parts of that coverage will certainly be this special commemorative cover.


Showing Off That License

Maybe you don't always want to show off your driver's license photo, but that wasn't the case with Saudi women on Saturday night.


A "New Chapter"

Muna AbuSulayman, a businesswoman and TV host, celebrated the moment with a photo of herself in the care and a very effusive tribute on Twitter.

Despite the problems still facing women in Saudi Arabia, it's clear that this moment has spread a lot of optimism for now, and for the future.