I Never Wore Yellow Until I Found These Sandals That Somehow Look Great With Every Outfit

Yellow has never been my color. Growing up, I rarely wore it, and even as an adult, there has never been a single yellow clothing item in my closet — same goes for footwear. To be totally honest, aside from the occasional Lay's potato chip bag, nothing yellow ever even existed in my home. It's not that I have anything against the color, but as someone who likes to get tons of wear out of my clothes and shoes, I've always thought the bright hue never matched with anything quite right, including my skin's yellow undertone. But that all changed when I stumbled across the Beckie Woven Slide Sandal from Sam Edelman.

Back in May, the brand sent me a pair of the shoes as a part of their summer kickoff. Needless to say, I was a little unsure about them at first (because, you know, yellow) but the moment I slid them on in the office, my stance changed immediately. They were so unexpectedly cute and looked great on my feet, despite the color.

While I shocked myself by suddenly being into yellow, I think what makes these particular shoes stand out from the rest is the fact that the shade they come in is impeccable. These slides offer a soft yellow hue — comparable to buttered popcorn — which is subtle enough to be considered a neutral, yet bright enough to make a mellow statement.

The distinct tone makes these shoes easy to pair with almost anything in my closet. So far, I've worn them with black, white, brown, pink, green, cream, multiple shades of denim, and even red pieces — a color I'd typically never pair with yellow in fear of looking like barbecue condiments. In fact, I've worn these slides so much, that they've become my go-to, everyday summer shoe, whether I'm headed to work, the grocery store, or meeting up with friends in the evening.

I'm also impressed by how comfortable these shoes are. Sure, most flat sandals are relatively pretty comfy, but with other pairs of slides I've worn, the bands tend to rub against my skin, leaving it irritated, and sometimes even with blisters. Seeing as the Beckie's are made with raffia — a straw-like material often used to create woven baskets — I was definitely worried about all-day comfort, but thankfully, the tops of the sandals are lined with a soft, smooth leather to prevent any friction. In addition, the sole of the shoes are also lined with the same leather, and offer extra padding that eventually molds to your foot.

But the best part about getting a pair of these sandals right now is probably the fact that there's a huge discount. With summer winding down, these shoes, that were originally priced at $90, are now on sale for only $63 — no coupon required. And nearly every size was still in stock at the time of publishing.

So while I wouldn't recommend running a marathon in these slides, after literally wearing them nearly every day this summer, I can confidently say these yellow sandals can be worn comfortably all day long, and with nearly anything in your closet. Plus, they might make you reconsider your favorite color.