These "Stand With Charlottesville" Tweets Offer Comfort During A Frightening Time In America

Scott Olson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Over the weekend, Americans in dozens of cities around the United States gathered to hold "Stand with Charlottesville" rallies and vigils as a means of uniting against the bigotry and violence that was displayed in Charlottesville this past weekend, as well as to honor the victims of this tragedy.

These rallies occurred in big cities and small towns throughout the country. Some of them began on Saturday evening following the tragedy and events have been continuously scheduled since then. Indeed, many more upcoming rallies are already scheduled for the evening of Monday, Aug. 14. According to the Huffington Post, the Indivisible Project, a nonprofit organization that makes linkages among advocacy groups, has been tracking these rallies and has created a search feature on its website to document rallies across the country. If you are interested in attending an upcoming Stand With Charlottesville rally, vigil, or protest, you can type your zip code into the Indivisible Project's search tool and locate an event near you.

While the bigoted violence that happened in Charlottesville over the past weekend was incredibly tragic, it is hopefully at least comforting to see so many Americans coming together to take a unified stand against hatred and violence. Here are some of the most uplifting "Stand with Charlottesville" tweets:

1. United We Stand

Suz on Twitter

This Twitter user shared a photo from a crowded unity rally in Santa Cuz, California.

2. Rest in Power

Heather Maize on Twitter

This man held a sign dedicated to Heather Hayer, a woman who was counter-protesting white supremacists at the Charlottesville rally and was tragically killed when a car drove into the group of protesters.

3. Rejecting Hate

SRSLY GOP WTF πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ on Twitter

Residents of San Jose came together to hold a vigil following the Charlottesville tragedy.

4. Closed In Protest Of Hate

CJ on Twitter

This Twitter user shared a photo of signs present on many shop doors in Charlottesville this weekend.

5. Hate Has No Home Here

Samuel D. Bradley on Twitter

A rally attendee in New Mexico holds up a very poignant sign.

6. A Constitutional Reminder

Patrick Quinn on Twitter

Rally attendees in Seattle held a life-size copy of the Constitution as a reminder that everyone's rights need to be protected, especially those who have been marginalized.

7. Vigil For Unity

Elise on Twitter

Those in San Diego held candles as they came together to unite against hatred.

8. Candlelight Vigil

Cambria Gail on Twitter

A resident of a small town tweeted a photo of her neighbors gathering to Stand with Charlottesville.

9. If You're Not Outraged , You're Not Paying Attention

Joseph Brusky on Twitter

A rally attendee in Milwaukee holds a picture of Heather Heyer, whose words via her last Facebook post resonated with many people around the country.

10. Throughout The Country

Ezra Levin on Twitter

A Twitter user revealed a map of vigils and rallies throughout the country.

11. Small Town Stand

Nicole Rodriguez on Twitter

This woman shared photos of a small, but dedicated rally in Sebastian, Florida.

12. Peace And Freedom Singers

Matt Steiger πŸ–– βš› Ξ© on Twitter

The San Diego Peace and Freedom Singers gave a moving musical tribute to the Charlottesville tragedy.

13. Do More Than Watch

ricky simone on Twitter

A marcher in Atlanta holds up a sign that epitomizes the importance of rally attendance and taking concrete actions to condemn hatred.

14. Moving Words

L O O K B O O K on Twitter

A Twitter user shared a compilation of photos of rally signs seeking to perpetuate unity in the wake of tragedy.

15. We Will Not Be Silenced

Kristine Schachinger on Twitter

A group of politicians and rally attendees gathered in Las Vegas to share a powerful message.

Hopefully these photos from Stand with Charlottesville rallies and vigils served to provide at least some comfort following such a horrific tragedy, as Americans bravely came together to combat bigotry with unity.