These 'Stranger Things 3' Alexei Memes & Tweets Prove He's The New Barb


Stranger Things has made a habit out of killing off beloved characters. First there was Barb in Season 1. Then there was Bob in Season 2. And while Hopper's alleged "death" in Season 3 is getting all of the attention, he wasn't the only person to succumb to a tragic fate. Memes and tweets about Alexei from Stranger Things 3 proves that this Russian had a heart of gold and deserved much better than the heartbreaking demise he was given. In other words, he's totally the new Barb of the season.

Alexei may have started out as a potential villain, having helped to create the very thing that opened the gate into the Upside Down, giving the Mind Flayer access back into Hawkins. However, he proved himself to be of great value to both Joyce and Hopper, providing them with instructions on how to destroy the laser device and close the portal once and for all. The only thing he asked for in return was access to some Looney Tunes episodes and a never-ending supply of cherry Slurpees.

So when the Russian Terminator-esque guy shot Alexei in cold blood at the Hawkins carnival as retribution for his betrayal, fans were devastated by the loss of yet another great character, so naturally they had some thoughts on the matter and attempted to cope with his death in the best way they knew how: via social media.

Many Felt He Deserved Much Better & Demanded Justice For Alexei

No character can be that happy on a show like Stranger Things without something terrible happening to them immediately after. That didn't make his final moments any less difficult to endure, though.

Others Simply Fell In Love With His Childlike Innocence

It's true that it was almost impossible to resist that playful smile and starry-eyed wonder he would showcase on an almost constant basis. How can you not root for this guy?

Some Couldn't Help But Compare Him To Other MVPs Of The Show Like Barb & Bob

His name may not start with a B, but Justice For Alexei is definitely the new mantra of Season 3.

Not To Mention How Alexei Made Murray A Completely Different Person

Normally, Murray is annoyed with everyone and yells all the time. Granted, that's one of the reasons people love him (as you should!), but Alexei definitely softened him around the edges a bit. Murray truly came to care for the guy and was genuinely upset when he died so suddenly and right after having so much fun at the carnival. Their budding relationship is one of the reasons viewers became so invested in the character and made his sudden death all the more upsetting.

There are valid arguments to the possibility that Hopper (and maybe even Billy) are somehow still alive, despite the dire predicaments they found themselves in by the end of Season 3. But unfortunately, Alexei's grim fate seems pretty certain at this point. Unlike Hopper, there was an actual body. Viewers saw Alexei die right in front of their eyes and both Joyce and Murray confirmed he was gone, having bled to death at the carnival.

Though he was gone from our lives far too soon, much like his predecessors Barb and Bob, but it was an honor getting to know him nonetheless. So let's not mourn his death, but rather raise our cherry Slurpees in unison and celebrate his life.