The Monster In The 'Strangers Things 3' Trailer Has Fans Worried For Steve


When there's something strange in the neighborhood, who ya gonna call? HAWKINS POLICE! (Just kidding, Hopper seems to be the only one doing actual police work these days.) Seriously, though, now that the Stranger Things Season 3 trailer has dropped, fans are trying to dissect every single moment for clues of what's to come. And while there's a lot of information to take in, theories about the new Stranger Things monster have started to circulate throughout the internet and the predictions are more chilling than anything we've seen on this show thus far — which, as you know, is really saying something.

The trailer starts out on a high note with Eleven, Max, Lucas, Will, and Mike all playing a prank on Dustin to celebrate his return home that summer. But as the footage continues, things seem to take a much darker turn. New characters are introduced — and will undoubtedly prove to be much more sinister than they appear — and a brand new villain comes out of the woodwork to wreck havoc on the town. Is it the Mind Flayer 2.0 or another creature lurking within the Upside Down? While those are two very possible conclusions to make, some fans are wondering if the monster wasn't born, but rather created and prove to be someone from Hawkins itself.

Twitter user @QuinnKeaney noticed that there was a brief snapshot in the trailer of someone in the shower looking at a cut or scar of some sort that seems to be infected in some way. The person's face isn't shown, but based on the muscular body structure alone, Billy appears to be the most likely suspect.

Could this indicate that this wound will eventually make him become the new monster shown in the clip? It's definitely not out of the realm of possibility.

But at the same time, another screen grab (also provided in @QuinnKeaney's tweet) shows Steve Harrington in his new sailor-esque job uniform being injected with something on the side of his head. Perhaps he will become the monster instead? (NO, NOT OUR SWEET BABY STEVE!) It wouldn't be the first time this show would have to deal with an experiment-gone-wrong situation courtesy of Hawkins Lab. That's how the Demogorgon ended up there in the first place.

Needless to say, it's enough to make fans worried about what this new season could mean for Steve.

And Billy, too, if you're a fan.

These characters have dealt with a lot of terrible things over the past few years, but having to face off against one of their own would be downright heartbreaking. Some are even concerned that Will could end up becoming the monster, due to his prominent connection to the Upside Down in the past.

Obviously, we won't know for sure what happens or what this mysterious cut on Billy could mean, but there are some extremely chilling prospects out there. The Stranger Things kids may look all grown up, but their fight with the Upside Down is still far from over. Let's just hope everyone can make it out of this in one piece.