8 Major 'This Is Us' Clues About Jack's Death That Are Total Red Herrings

Ron Batzdorff/NBC

Right now, NBC's This Is Us has one of TV's biggest mysteries. Fans have long known that Jack Pearson will die before the show's present-day scenes, but it's how the family's beloved dad passes on that is the subject of much speculation. And there have been so many times that the This Is Us clues about Jack's death were totally misleading. It's not that fans want to see Jack die; it's just that not knowing how it eventually happens is really frustrating — in a way that makes us all want to tune into the show even more, of course.

In This Is Us Season 1, the series revealed that Jack Pearson does not make it to 2016 alive, but so much was still unknown about this major family loss. Why did Kate get to keep his urn? Why does Kate blame herself for his death? Did Jack know about Rebecca and Miguel? Last month, Season 2 dropped some major revelations — and perhaps some red herrings — about the Pearson patriarch's passing. We now know for sure that Jack died while the Big Three were teenagers. Could he have died in the house fire? Does the dog have anything to do with it? And again, did Jack know about Rebecca and Miguel?

As This Is Us fans have learned so far, not every clue has led us down the correct path. Here are some of the most misleading clues that show has given fans so far — take them as a warning not to trust everything Season 2 gives us.


Jack Drives While Inebriated

In the Season 1 finale, Jack drives after drinking one too many beers and it left fans on the edge of their seats. He could have died in a car wreck on the way to Rebecca's gig, but he didn't. At least not that time.


Kate's Fear Of Flying In Airplanes

Remember how Kate was scared to fly in an airplane during Season 1? It led many fans to believe that it meant that Jack died in a plane crash, leading to her fear/aversion to air travel. But this theory is no longer flying high in Season 2.


Kevin Destroyed His Model Planes

In Season 1, Kevin apparently destroyed his model plane collection after Jack's death. Sure, the mini-planes could have been a bonding activity for father and son, but many theorized that it was a sign that Jack perished in a plane crash, such as real-life plane crash occurred in Pittsburgh (where the show takes place) in 1994.

Now, we know Jack died when Kevin was a teenager in 1997, so destroying his planes could have just been an act of teenage rebellion.


Kate Says Jack's Death Is Her Fault

Kate confessed in Season 1 that she believed her father died because of her. This has naturally led fans to now think every request young Kate makes of her dad in flashbacks will lead to his untimely death. But her statement of guilt is likely just that. Kate was the closest to Jack out of the Big Three and she likely misses him the most as well. Her guilt probably isn't from literally killing her father, but maybe not being able to save him.


Miguel Expresses Early Interest In Rebecca

There is an actual fan theory that believes Miguel killed Jack in order to be with Rebecca. Of course, fans remember how Miguel expressed interest in Rebecca during Season 1, saying she's a great woman during a flashback. As unexpected as this development would be on This Is Us, it is very unlikely, because the series isn't a nighttime soap. According to Variety, Ventimiglia called this Jack theory his favorite at the ATX TV Festival.


Randall's "Vision" Of Jack At The Cabin

When The Big Three visit the family cabin in Season 1, Randall accidentally drinks an entire drugged milkshake from the fridge and has "visions" of Jack as he fixes the cabin. Randall converses with his deceased father in this state, and it led fans to believe that maybe Randall sees Jack this way because Jack died at the cabin or while doing some kind of construction work. Or it just could have been a drug-fueled fantasy.


Randall's Christmas Party Encounter

At his company Christmas party, Randall tries to talk his co-worker Andy down from jumping off the ledge of the building. The scene ends abruptly when Randall's wife Beth returns — suddenly, we see Andy back it the party and the ledge empty. Was this a figment of Randall's imagination? Some fans believed that the co-worker wasn't there and he was a stand-in for Jack, who may have died by suicide. More likely, this was just a It's A Wonderful Life-inspired Christmas storyline.


Jack's Poker Days

In the Season 1 finale, the audience got a taste of Jack's life before he met future wife Rebecca in a set of flashbacks. He tries to what he can for money, including playing poker with some questionable people, who beat and rob him of his winnings. For a second, it seemed like those folks could return to haunt Jack, but it seems unlikely. By the end of the episode's flashbacks, Jack has a chance meeting with Rebecca and seems to leave that life behind him for good.

For now, the mystery of Jack Pearson's death lives on, but viewers can pack these clues away — they're likely to be red herrings. So let's concentrate on the more solid hints until This Is Us finally makes the big reveal about Jack.