8 Trump Quotes About Don Jr. That Shed Some Light On Their Father-Son Relationship

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When it comes to the Trump family, some of the dynamics can be difficult to suss out. Those interested have to rely upon scattered quotes and references to determine what, exactly, family relationships are like on a truly personal level. Such is the case for the president's relationship with his eldest son, who doesn't interact with his father in public as frequently as say, Ivanka. But Donald Trump's quotes about Don Jr., including his Sunday tweet that described him as "wonderful son," do offer a bit of insight into how they get along.

"He's a business guy first and foremost, so we spent a lot of time with him, but it was always in a business environment," Don told Oprah of his childhood back in 2011, according to a 2018 GQ profile. Comments and social media posts back this up.

Much of what Trump has said about his sons relates to television appearances, speeches they've delivered, or ratings earned for The Celebrity Apprentice. Indeed, the president appears largely averse to sharing long, sentimental thoughts about either of his sons, including Don, with the public.

While it's impossible to truly know what goes on in the Trump family behind closed doors, public remarks do seem to offer a glimpse into how Don and Trump's father-son relationship goes down, and what's available seems very telling.

Don Jr. Is A "Wonderful Son"

On Sunday, Trump tweeted that he wasn't concerned at all about a meeting his son had with a Russian attorney during the 2016 campaign, which was intended to provide negative information about then-candidate Hillary Clinton. Trump has consistently denied that his campaign illegally colluded with Russia.

Good At Giving Interviews

Promoting an interview Don Jr. did with Sean Hannity, Trump praised his son, saying that he "did a good job." The interview coincided with renewed public interest into potential Trump campaign collusion with Russia, which Trump and his team have voraciously denied.

Praise For 'Apprentice' Ratings

Back in 2012, Trump tweeted out more work-related praise for Don, though the praise was split between him and his sister, Ivanka. Don worked as an advisor for the show.

He Supposedly Hesitated Giving Him His Name

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According to a GQ profile published this summer, Trump reportedly hesitated to bestow his name upon his first son, asking his then-wife Ivana Trump, "What if he's a loser?" Ivana recounted this anecdote in her book, Raising Trump.

He Says He's Proud Of Don

In an Instagram post (reposted from Don Jr.'s account), Trump wrote in 2016 that he was proud of his eldest son.

Father To A "Thrilling" New Son

To publicly congratulate Don Jr. on the birth of a new child back in 2012, Trump tweeted, describing the event as "thrilling."

He's "A Good Boy"

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"Don is, as many of you know, Don, he’s a good boy. He’s a good kid," Trump said in response to questions about whether his son worked with Russia during the campaign, according to HuffPo.

An "Expert Hunter"

Trump tagged the National Rifle Association in a tweet back in 2015, praising both Don Jr. and Eric as "expert hunters."

While the Trump family lives a very public life, not every aspect of their lives is out in the open. And when it comes to Trump and his son Don, hints about their relationship are the closest most can currently get to truly understanding it.