These Tweets From The Scene Of The New York City Attack Are Devastating

Kena Betancur/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Authorities report that at least eight people have been killed while even more were injured after a truck driver reportedly drove his vehicle into pedestrians in Lower Manhattan on Tuesday afternoon. The photos and videos from the New York City attack show the devastation that struck locals in the city's crowded financial district of Tribeca.

At this moment, authorities say that they are looking into the incident as an act of terror. Officials say that the suspect is in police custody. In a press conference held shortly after the incident, New York mayor Bill de Blasio urged New Yorkers to remain calm while New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said, "To New Yorkers, be New Yorkers. Live your life, don't let them change us or deter us in any manner, shape or form."

The governor also said that Tuesday night's Halloween parade, which is one of the city's biggest events, will go as planned with added security presence from the New York Police Department.

According to authorities, a man driving a Home Depot rental truck allegedly went on a driving rampage after officials claim he drove down at least 10 blocks on the crowded West Side Highway bike lane. The lane is one of New York City's bustling pathways for bicycle owners. During the alleged rampage, the truck also reportedly hit a school bus carrying young students.

New York City Police Commissioner James O'Neill told the press that the suspect produced "two handguns" at the scene. At this point, O'Neill told the media, police officials opened fire on the suspect. The identity of the suspect was not made public during the press briefing but the commissioner said that he was "a 29-year-old male."

Tweets on the incident ranged from photos of NYPD officials responding to the situation to people sending their thoughts and prayers to the Big Apple.

1. "Mangled" School Bus

Myles Miller tweeted a video showing a heavily damaged school bus purportedly from the scene in Lower Manhattan. "Paramedics removing victims from mangled school bus outside Stuyvesant High School," Miller wrote.

2. Damaged Bicycle

Users sent their thoughts and prayers to those hurt in Tuesday afternoon's incident.

3. Emergency Personnel Helping Victims

One video shared by Kizzy Cox showed a team of emergency personnel carrying victims on stretchers away from what Cox claimed was the crime scene.

4. Shocked And Stunned

New Yorkers in some videos could be seen staring in horror at the alleged crime scene. In one video shared by Madison Mills, dozens of locals could be seen purportedly outside the Stuyvesant High School.

5. Lower Manhattan In a Looming Shot

One user tweeted a video from a high-rise building of the alleged crime scene. Traffic appeared to be paused as ambulances and NYPD mobiles blared.

6. This Heartbreaking Tweet

Some tweets appeared to be from people right by the area.

7. Council Member Tweets

New York council member Margaret Chin tweeted her thoughts and said, "Shocked and concerned by reports of a shooting at #StuyvesantHighSchool. Please avoid area if you can. Check @NYPDnews for updates."

8. New Yorkers Urge For Unity

Some called for peace and unity in their tweets.

9. Cuomo Tweets

"Terror will not change New York, we will go forward stronger together. #Manhattan," Cuomo said.

10. New York Won't Back Down

Locals didn't give into fear.

11. Life Will Go On

There's no stopping New Yorkers.

As stated before, officials are still parsing the "preliminary information" concerning the incident but if there is one thing that is beyond clear, it's that the New York City won't let today's horror bring its morale down.