Behold These Majestic Unicorn-Shaped Macarons

We're all very aware of the magical and delicious joy of macarons. The soft-shelled, pastel-colored, chewy, sweet — sometimes unicorn-shaped macarons —are international fan favorites for dessert lovers. That's basically the entire human race though, right? I have yet to meet a dessert-hater and think I wouldn't like to meet one anyhow. Anyway, that's right, there's a new macaron on the block, and it's going to make your fairy heart explode into hearts and stars and rainbows.

A short while back, a husband and wife team Jack and Lan Cheng of Culinary Institute of America graduates started a bakery in Duluth, Georgia called Mac Lab, with humble beginnings and low-key expectations. All of that changed when their UNICORN macarons seriously stepped up the macaron game. Like, some next level cookie game. Hand-painted and garnished with Fruity Pebbles — because what's more happy looking than rainbow colored children's cereal? — these colorful and precious treats will not disappoint.

"It all started when I was working on a custom unicorn cake for a little girl's birthday," Lan Cheng tells Bustle. "I went into my two-year-old daughter's bedroom for inspiration and found this pillow with friendly sleeping eyes — I loved them! So to make the unicorn unique, I decided to use the same eyes to give it my own special touch."

But when the requests started pouring in, Lan couldn't exactly keep up with all the cake requests — they're just a small, local bakery after-all. This is where the idea for unicorn macarons came into play.

"I was getting more and more requests for the unicorn cakes and it was more than we could manage," Lan tells Bustle. "So, I had the idea to start doing macarons. And honestly I didn't think it was going to take off like it did, but I'm so happy that they're making so many people happy."

As for the future of the unicorn macarons, Lan says they're not planning on selling out anytime soon. They're happy to keep making them as long as the demand persists: "Unicorns are magical creatures and people just love them. This bakery was a dream for my me and my husband, and while we're still shocked about the amount of interest, we plan to keep making them and keep making people happy."

The only rub is, you'll have to make your way to Georgia to get your hands on one of these. Until then, you'll just have to ogle over the pictures like the rest of us.