Irregular Choice's Unicorn Sneaker Takes The Trend To A Whole New Level

by Kali Borovic

Unicorns have gotten a whole lot less extinct lately, at least in the fashion and beauty world. It seems like every brand is coming out with something magical, but this time the trend is going above and beyond. Irregular Choice's unicorn sneakers come complete with holographic colors, a unicorn stuffed animal, and even a little zipper pack. It's not exactly the most wearable footwear, but there's no denying that it nails the trend.

While some brands are coming out with unicorn nail polish and makeup brushes, this one is giving you a way to commit to the trend wholeheartedly. Irregular choice is known for their over-the-top, quirky designs, so it doesn't exactly come as a surprise. They definitely have outdone themselves this time though. This shoe doesn't leave anything to the imagination.

Their Unicorn Sneaker has multi-colored patchwork, with tons of glitter, of course, an actual stuffed animal, and light up soles. Because, you know, how else would people see you coming? Unfortunately, the zipper pouch on the side is non-functioning. So you're going to have to find some other way to carry your magic glitter. If that's not a deal-breaker, you can pick up this stylish (?) shoe right now on the Irregular Choice website.

Candy Damsel, $162.79,

All this glitter and quirkiness will cost you $162.79. Either that's a small price to pay for this on-trend shoe or it's absolutely ridiculous. I'll let you choose. Believe it or not, there are two sizes already sold out of the sneaker, so you should shop sooner than later.

Candy Damsel, $162.79,

This isn't the only unicorn design that the brand has come up with either. If the sneaker isn't for you, there are plenty other choices and styles available on the website. Here are all of your mystically-designed options, so you can shop accordingly.

1. Dreamkiss

Dreamkiss, $136.49,

If you thought the sneaker was over-the-top, this heel will blow your mind.

2. Mystical Reins

Misty Reigns, $87.65,

These slip-ons are a bit more wearable than the other designs.

3. Candy Damsel

Candy Damsel, $162.79,

Looking to add a little edge? These black kicks are the ones for you.

4. Dirty Dancer

Dirty Dancer, $123.97,

Or you could tone down the sneaker with this equally as magical slip-on.

5. Mini Reigns

Mini Reigns, $50,

There's even something for the little ones as well.

This is more unicorn footwear options than anyone needs, if you ask me. But there's something for almost every mystical-animal lover!