These 17 Videos Of Ivanka Trump Speaking Show How She’s Changed Over The Years

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Donald Trump's oldest daughter has been a huge part of his presidential bid and forthcoming administration. While her life is now dominated by her White House role, her world looked quite different prior to 2015. Indeed, videos of Ivanka Trump speaking show just how much her work and life have evolved over the years, from being intimately involved with the inner-workings of the Trump Organization (and her own business), to working alongside her father in Washington, D.C.

Ivanka joined her father's company, the Trump Organization, shortly after graduating from college. She came on as an executive vice president in 2005 and worked at the organization until January 2017, when she took a formal leave of absence ahead of joining her father's administration. At the Trump Organization, Ivanka had a pretty high profile portfolio, with Forbes reporting in 2016 that she was responsible for negotiating some of the company's most significant deals.

In addition to her work with the Trump Organization, the now-first daughter also had her own successful company prior to working in politics. Ivanka launched her own fashion line in 2011, which featured women's clothing and accessories.

Ivanka was still working diligently at her family's company and on her fashion line when she joined Trump in his presidential campaign endeavors in 2015. Indeed, she spoke at Trump's presidential bid announcement in June of that year. She then became increasingly involved in her father's campaign over time. For example, she gave a widely-publicized speech at the Republican National Convention in 2016, when Trump was nominated as the GOP's presidential candidate. She also frequently appeared with Trump at campaign events — and rallied on his behalf — throughout 2016.

After her father was elected president, Ivanka joined his administration as an unpaid advisor in March 2017. She also shut down her fashion line in July 2018, stressing a desire to focus on her governmental work, The Independent reported. In her role as presidential advisor, Ivanka seems to work primarily on workforce development and women's entrepreneurship issues, though she occasionally weighs in on other topics.

Ivanka's life and career have very much changed since her father became president. The videos below offer some visual insight into this evolution.

"Trump on Trumps"

Ivanka and her brother, Donald Jr. sat down with their father for a Forbes interview entitled "Trump on Trumps" in 2006. Trump opened the interview by asking his children, "... You have a famous father. Is that easy or is it tough?"

In response, Ivanka asserted:

I think it's tough because you're tough, but in a good way. And we've had the opportunity to work here. We're appreciative of it. And we working extremely hard. So, it's been a tremendous advantage to us.

She also noted that she was drawn to working for her father's company as opposed to elsewhere because, "the siren's call of working on your projects drew me back," she said. "They're the sexist projects out there, the best projects out there ... I couldn't want to work for anyone else."

Spa Services

In this clip from 2008, Ivanka, in her role as executive vice president of the Trump Organization, spoke alongside her father as they discussed the features of the Trump International Tower and Hotel in Chicago. In particular, Ivanka reflected on the comprehensive spa treatments offered by the hotel.

Defending Decisions

In 2009, Ivanka staunchly defended the Trump Organization's decision to terminate a resort contract in Baja, Mexico — something which resulted in a host of investors suing the company. The Trump Organization argued that, while it regretted that investors lost their money, the organization was not responsible for the loss, saying they were the not the developers in the project.

A Family Affair

In this 2010 HuffPost interview, Ivanka described how she never had any doubt that she wanted to work in her family's real estate business, describing her interest in the field as "hereditary."

Touring Toronto

This 2012 clip features Ivanka touring Trump International Hotel and Tower in Toronto, Canada shortly after it opened. In an interview at the hotel, Ivanka stressed the Trump Organization's dedication to excellence, saying, "We don't start a project without striving to be the best."

Trump Organization Update

This 2012 YouTube update from the Trump Organization features Ivanka as a spokeswoman of sorts. The now-first daughter reflected on all of the forthcoming projects at the organization, including new Celebrity Apprentice episodes and new hotel openings and acquisitions.

Family Time

Ivanka sat down with Wendy Williams in 2012 to reflect on her personal and professional life. In particular, she told Williams that she finds cooking to actually be relaxing.

Model Vibes

In this 2013 video from the Trump Organization, Ivanka models items for her spring 2013 collection during a photoshoot. She expresses particular excitement that she is launching sunglasses as part of her line for the first time.

Fashion Forward

In this 2013 Trump Organization clip made in partnership with Nordstrom, Ivanka shares her three favorite shoes from her fall collection at the department store.

Irish Musings

In this 2014 clip, Ivanka reflected on why her family's company chose to open a new hotel and golf course in Ireland. She also shared her experiences growing up in the Trump family. The now-first daughter stressed that she often was subject to criticism due to preconceived notions about her family and their famous name.

Honoring Her Dad

In this clip from 2015, Ivanka presents her father with the the Algemeiner's Liberty Award, an honor given by The Algemeiner, a newspaper that covers news related to Judaism and Israel. In honoring her father, Ivanka asserted,

He [Trump] has been a mentor, he has been a friend, he's a great father to myself and my siblings, he's a great husband, he's a great builder, he's a great entrepreneur. He's a man of tremendous integrity.

Workplace Representation

In 2015, at the beginning of her father's presidential bid, Ivanka sat down for an interview with CNN's Poppy Harlow. Among other topics, she told Harlow why she believes equal gender representation in the workplace is imperative — and said time will favor companies who prioritize a gender balance. As Ivanka put it:

... Anyone who is not being very proactive to ensure that their company is being thoughtful about the gender mix is simply going to fall behind. So I think it will be a self-selecting thing. I think in 10 years from now the companies who haven't evolved won't be the companies they are today.

Sharing Insights

In 2015, Ivanka spoke at the Skift Global Forum, an event dedicated to reflecting on and enhancing the global travel industry. During the interview, Ivanka spoke at length about how she and her brothers approach strategic decision-making at the Trump Organization.

At The RNC

Ivanka gave a ringing endorsement of her father during her speech at the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. At the convention, Trump was selected as the GOP's nominee for president.

Addressing The State Department

During a June 2017 speech at the Department of State, presidential advisor Ivanka stressed the importance of fighting human trafficking in the United States and around the world.

The World Assembly For Women

In her role as presidential advisor, Ivanka spoke to an audience at the World Assembly for Women in Tokyo in November 2017. She reflected primarily on how she plans to help advance the economic empowerment of women.

Offering Advice

In March 2018, Ivanka served on an economic panel at Generation Next, a White House event dedicated to providing support for conservative millennial entrepreneurs and the broader workforce.

Overall, it's quite clear that Ivanka's work and life have changed extensively over the years. She's transitioned from working on her family's real estate business, to focusing on fashion, to subsequently working in her father's presidential administration. Despite these changes, though, it seems like her professional experiences have a unifying thread of commitment to her family and to entrepreneurial endeavors.