Videos Of Makeup Being Turned Into Slime Are Mesmerizing

While you were busy being mesmerized over lip swatch videos and people breaking makeup for fun, it looks like you were missing out on something even more satisfying. As Teen Vogue found, there are entire Instagram pages dedicated to makeup slime. As in, coloring slime with highlighters, eyeshadows, and more. You might think it's a waste at first, but after you see these oddly satisfying makeup slime videos, you'll be hooked.

The internet is a wonderful thing. With just one simple Instagram page, the entire beauty community can come together. From mini-tutorials to short and simple reviews, there's all sorts of niches out there. Apparently there's a whole community of slime-makers on Instagram, and some of them use makeup to do it. Who knew? Basically, it's your basic DIY slime recipe, but instead of using food coloring to pigment the slime, people are using makeup.

I know what you're thinking — what a waste. But honestly, it's pretty genius. From gorgeous hues of highlight to pigmented shadows, these slime colors are stunning. Heck, some people are even using Kylie Lip Kits to get the perfect shade. Once you start watching these videos, you'll won't want to stop. Be prepared to waste half a day, because these video are mesmerizing.

1. Highlighter Slime

That color though!

2. Lip Kit Creation

Pretty on your lips and in your slime.

3. Shimmery Shadow Slime

A trio of shadows make one stunning slime shade.

4. Sephora Shade

No better way to put old makeup to good use!

5. Lipstick Meltdown

That color is everything.

6. Foundation Mixture

Weird yet satisfying.

7. Breaking Up Product

I could watch this on repeat for day.

I've never seen something so satisfying in my life.