Each Of These 12 Teas Is Made For A Different Zodiac Sign — And They All Sound Delicious

Tea — it's what's for dinner. No... that's not it. Tea — the other white meat. Nope. Still wrong. The best part of waking up, is tea in your cup.

Close enough! After water, tea is the most popular drink. On an average day, more than 158 million of us are drinking it, and it's hanging out in nearly 80 percent of all homes in America. There's a flavor for everyone: people who like something sweet, people who prefer something spicy, and everything and anything in between. There is even specific tea you should drink based on your zodiac sign, and you can find your flavor at Adagio Teas.

You can peruse the 12 varieties under Adagio's Gifts sections, since any human in your life would be thrilled to receive this as a present, obvi. Each of the 12 signs of the zodiac has its own unique flavor combination, reflecting their personality, likes, and strengths. It looks like you can purchase every flavor either loose or in teabags, but don't be surprised if you find that your flavor is out of stock — all of them have glowing reviews, and astrology lovers are dying to get their hands on a box.

The price might seem a bit steep for tea; after all, you could probably go to the local grocery store and buy a box for a couple bucks. But remember, this is special tea made specifically for your sign; and don't lie: you'd totally hang on to the tin because they're kind of gorgeous to look at.

Thirsty? Here are the 12 varieties.


Aquarius, $9, Adagio Teas

Aquarians are real brainiacs and love having intellectual conversations with others. This blend of black tea, hazelnut, and vanilla — with hints of cocoa nibs and blue cornflowers — will perk up your senses and add some liveliness to the morning.


Pisces, $9, Adagio Teas

Pisces is a true intuitive, and you love nothing more than having alone time to daydream and come up with creative ideas. The chamomile, lemongrass, and cornflowers of this tea will help calm and soothe you soul, while the rooibos, white tea, and black tea infused with orange and grapefruit will get the idea machine (read: your brain) up and running.


Aries, $9, Adagio Teas

Aries is always full of energy and ideas, and has a strong competitive side. Nothing adds a little spice to your morning (tea) like cinnamon, red peppercorns, and cardamom. Mixing and swirling with black tea and masala spices, this flavor is sure to kickstart Aries' day with a bang.


Taurus, $9, Adagio Teas

Taurus loves to enjoy the finer things in life, whether that be music, gardening, romance, or cooking a good meal. This oolong-and-white-tea pairing will satisfy your every sense, punctuated with notes of apple and marigold.


Gemini, $9, Adagio Teas

Always needing a little excitement and variety in their life, Gemini will love this white tea blended with peach, apricot, apples, marigold, and rose hips. With so many interacting flavors, you'll never tire of this tea.


Cancer, $9, Adagio Teas

Cancer is a homebody and loves maintaining comfortable and calm surroundings. This white and green tea has hints of fruit, blended with rose hips, chamomile, rooibos, cornflowers, and marigold. The combination will warm any Cancer's heart even on the coldest winter day.


Leo, $9, Adagio Teas

Leo shines bright like a star, so only this vibrant combination of rooibos, red safflower, and orange peels will do. Just so things don't get too overpowering, the chamomile and vanilla add a subtly soothing touch.


Virgo, $9, Adagio Teas

Ever the particular and meticulous sign of the zodiac, Virgo likes order. This no-nonsense blend is made of lemongrass, honeybush, chamomile, apricots, marigold petals, and rosehips — perfect to help Virgo focus on the day ahead, but also full of antioxidants. This is the ideal tea for this health-conscious sign.


Libra, $9, Adagio Teas

Libra thrives on harmony, and the flavors of black tea, strawberries, chocolate, and creme provide the perfect balance, sure to soothe your senses. Rose petals and cocoa nibs add a quietly delightful accent.


Scorpio, $9, Adagio Teas

Scorpio wants to get to the center of every mystery and learn what makes people tick. This powerful and intense mix of black tea, vanilla, rooibos, chocolate chips, and mango offers a rich flavor that no Scorpio can deny.


Sagittarius, $9, Adagio Teas

Sagittarius is always preparing for their next adventure, and you need a tea that can keep up. This earl grey may sound overly traditional, but the vanilla, creme, raspberry, and red safflowers offer a unique twist.


Capricorn, $9, Adagio Teas

Capricorn needs something sensible that will fuel the challenges of the day ahead. The black and white tea mix provides the foundation you're looking for, while the added flavors of vanilla and rose petals provide a little extra something.