These Harry Potter Blazers Are The Back-To-School Items Your've Been Waiting For

by Kali Borovic

Whether you got your Hogwarts letter or not, there's a way to head back to school in style. ThinkGeek created Harry Potter blazers that come in all four House colors. Witches and wizards, you can now walk the halls and know exactly where you stand with people. Fashion is a beautiful thing.

You better start practicing your Accio spell, because you're going to want your wallets as soon as possible. Whether you're a Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin, there's a way to sport your school spirit. ThinkGeek's Harry Potter blazers are the perfect mix of wearable to sport in real life, but costume-y enough to make people think you just walked off-screen. It's pretty incredible, actually.

There's a patch with the house crest on the chest, piping and lining match house colors, and the Hogwarts crest on the buttons. Oh, and shoulder pads are included, so you can look pristine at all times. You wouldn't want Albus Dumbledore to call you out for looking sloppy.

Each of the blazers comes in XS to 3X, and are all currently available on the ThinkGeek website. It's worth noting that people are commenting that the plus sizes are off. According to the comments, the sizes run smaller than normal, but you can see the sizing chart here.

Harry Potter House Ladies Blazer, $80, Think Geek

Unfortunately, it does pay to look the part. Each blazer, no matter that size, will cost you $79.99. That's American dollars — not Galleons and Knuts.

But the detail on these jackets make it worth every single penny. There's even a pocket big enough to carry your phone and wand at the same time.

All of the blazers are based on the movie versions of the outfits. As the company points out, the Ravenclaw symbol has the photo of a raven, while in the book it's an Eagle. Their House colors are also blue and silver, instead of blue and bronze like the book.

Harry Potter House Ladies Blazer, $80, Think Geek

If you haven't marked this one off of your school shopping list, you'll want to soon. Just to clarify, your ticket to board the train on Platform 9 3/4 is not included.