The Ultimate Awards Season Speech Bingo For Your Viewing Party

No matter who the nominees are, during every awards season an actor stands on a Hollywood stage and says, "Kids, if you're watching this, go to bed." That's just one of a handful of surefire sayings and out-of-breath exclamations (it can be a long walk up those Dolby Theatre stairs!) that are uttered into an ill-placed mic each winter without fail. So naturally we had to make a game out of it.

Below you'll find Bustle's Awards Season Speech Bingo. If Twitter and your grandma's retirement home had a child, it would be this bingo board. Like many before it, this year's awards season promises to be one full of long-winded speeches, feigned humility, and (we can only hope) Nicole Kidman claps. But will they all happen on the same night? For the sake of you completing the bingo board, let's hope so.

Here is Bustle's Awards Season Speech Bingo board, which you can now print out for your Oscars party. Or, check out Bustle's Instagram to play in your IG Stories.