This 22-Pound Bag Of Chocolate Is The Incredibly Extra Gift Your Valentine Deserves

Courtesy of ChocXO

Is it possible to measure the depth of one's love in worldly items? Unclear; but a little sugar never led anyone astray.

Recently, an absolutely enormous bag of chocolate has been popping up at HomeGoods stores nationwide. No, not like a king size candy bar (which can be eaten by one person under the right circumstances) — more like roughly the size of a human toddler. At twenty-two pounds and almost three and a half feet tall, ChocXO's giant chocolate bag holds two thousand squares of the company's individually-wrapped, gluten-free, non-GMO, organic candy.

The internet's first introduction to the bag came after a user posted a photo of her father standing with it on Reddit. Laina Malnight, a spokesperson and Marketing Manager for ChocXO, explains to Bustle that the twenty-two pound bag is the product of a unique, exclusive collaboration with the chain of discount furniture stores to celebrate the holiday season. In an effort to promote its release, ChocXO used Instagram to organize scavenger hunts in both the US and Canada, and sent bags to each winner.

Courtesy of Chocxo

In response to the product's unexpected popularity, the bag is now available for sale on the company's website for $300. Though Malnight says there are no current plans to create an even bigger bag, the company's other products can be found in specialty grocery stores in Oregon and California. She also welcomes those interested to the company's headquarters in Irvine, California where visitors can partake in a chocolate tour to see how chocolate candy is created from the original cacao bean. the headquarters also boasts a research and development bar and a retail store.

Courtesy of Chocxo

If it is opulent — and decidedly extra — candy that you're after, here are a few other special sweets to buy your sweetie this Valentine's Day:

Happy Valentine's Day Candy Trunk

Happy Valentine's Day Candy Trunk, $195, Sugarfina

The boutique candy shop prides itself on its high-quality, delicious, and chic gourmet candies for adults. One of their most popular series marries the flavors of traditional gummy candies with popular adult beverages like margaritas, bourbon, and multiple types of champagne. Luckily, if you can't decide on one kind of candy, this trunk offers small boxes of twenty different varieties; and includes chocolate as well as Sugarfina's special gummy treats. Personalization options are also available.

Twenty Six Pound Gummy Bear

26-Pound Gummy Bear, $150, Vat19

Okay so it may not scream "romance" but this TWENTY SIX POUND gummy bear is the perfect mix of cute, sweet, and useful. Available in four colors, the confection serves over 250 people, and its belly doubles as a bowl, so in theory your honey and you could reenact the iconic scene from Lady and the Tramp with some gummy noodles (or regular spaghetti — you do you).

Five Pounds Of Conversation Hearts

Small Sweethearts Conversation Hearts, 5LBS, $24, Amazon

Nothing says Valentine's Day like these little guys. Though their taste may be almost as polarizing as that of candy corn, nobody can resist the sweet nothings inscribed on a tiny pastel-colored heart. And why settle for a little carton you can snag at the drugstore when you could bring home five whole pounds for a little more that twenty bucks? The choice is simple.

Forever Mine Fruit Bouquet

Forever Mine Bouquet, $269, Edible Arrangements

Does your Valentine prefer to keep their snacks a little more natural? Look nor further than the exceptional Forever Mine Bouquet from Edible Arrangements. Loaded with festive pineapple, chocolate strawberries, grapes, and more, this treat is perfect for those who love extravagance, but are not so crazy about candy (and have coworkers who are, and will happily steal those chocolate parts, thank you very much).