This 5-Year-Old Beauty Vlogger's Adorable Unicorn Makeup Tutorial Will Totally Make Your Week — VIDEO

If you're a makeup lover, chances are you have a long list of beauty vloggers you watch religiously to teach you the newest techniques and trends. Well, there's a new star on the scene, and she's got plenty to teach. This five year old took on a unicorn makeup tutorial, where she not only shows off her favorite products from the new Tarte Cosmetics line, but also shows signs of becoming the next big beauty vlogger. This tiny cosmetic lover isn't afraid of color, and knows how to wield brushes and blend products expertly — not to mention the fact that her makeup collection has clearly reached enviable levels.

Her name is Charli Rose, and she opens up the video sporting an amazing metallic hand tattoo and a glittery persona. To start off her base, she dabs highlighting moisturizer on the back of her hand and uses one of the Tarte Magic Wand brushes to apply it all over her face. To perfect her under-eyes, she dabs on Shape Tape Contour Concealer and uses a Sili Sponge to "dab it all out."

After that, the fun really starts. Body glitter gets uncapped, and she goes to town turning her eyelids into pure pixie-dust magic. To bring the same mega shine to her cheekbones, she introduces the "unicorn highlighter" to the camera (the Tarte Spellbound Glow Rainbow Highlighter,) and uses a liquid foundation brush to sweep it across, tilting her face backwards and forwards to the camera to show us how it sparkles.

Check her out:

Arguably the best part was when she took out the Fairytale Lip Paint in a minty green, and carefully puckered up to the mirror to apply it evenly.

If you want to be overcome by cuteness (and inspired in how to bring some whimsy into your own makeup game,) this is the video for you. This is only her second on her channel, so hopefully we'll see more amazing content coming from the tiniest Tarte lover in the future.

Images: @CharliRose/ YouTube