This ’90s Love Song Playlist Is The Only Thing You’ll Need To Listen To This Valentine’s Day


It's hard to figure out the best way to express your feelings to that special someone, but all you might really need is the ultimate romantic '90s playlist to help you out. Well, that and a little bit of mood lighting. Maybe some fine wine and truffles, too, while you're it. But a playlist is a critical part of being able to set the romantic mood of a date night, and some of the best love songs of the '90s had everything that you need to achieve that.

When it comes to these songs, there's some high stakes romance going on. In the '90s, there was no love song too cheesy just as there was no hairstyle too big. As a result, all of these songs lay it on thick in one way or another. They feature big choruses, heartfelt please, sexy bass lines, and sweet nothings. One or two of them might even have a saxophone solo involved. But all of them are perfect for enjoying some sneaky make-out sessions to or for getting someone to say those three little words that could change everything: "Is that D'Angelo?" (Yes it is, and D'Angelo is love.)

Here is, hands down, only '90s playlist of love songs that you'll ever need to help you score big with Cupid this year.