This ’90s Love Song Playlist Is The Only One You’ll Ever Need


It's hard to figure out the best way to express your feelings to that special someone, but all you might really need is the ultimate romantic '90s playlist to help you out. Well, that and a little bit of mood lighting. Maybe some fine wine and truffles, too, while you're it. But a playlist is a critical part of being able to set the romantic mood of a date night, and some of the best love songs of the '90s had everything that you need to achieve that.

When it comes to these songs, there's some high stakes romance going on. In the '90s, there was no love song too cheesy just as there was no hairstyle too big. As a result, all of these songs lay it on thick in one way or another. They feature big choruses, heartfelt please, sexy bass lines, and sweet nothings. One or two of them might even have a saxophone solo involved. But all of them are perfect for enjoying some sneaky make-out sessions to or for getting someone to say those three little words that could change everything: "Is that D'Angelo?" (Yes it is, and D'Angelo is love.)

Here is, hands down, only '90s playlist of love songs that you'll ever need to help you score big with Cupid this year.


"Truly, Madly, Deeply" — Savage Garden

If the act of swooning was transformed into music, it would sound like this song.


"Fantasy" — Mariah Carey

The most adorable and flirtatious song of Carey's career, "Fantasy" puts all the fun into the romance.


"Tonight, Tonight" — The Smashing Pumpkins

Who knew that Billy Corgan had it in him to make such a grandiose love song? Throw on your finest hat and serenade someone to it, won't you?


"Kissing You" — Des'ree

This was the track from the Romeo + Juliet soundtrack that you listened to while dreaming of Leonardo DiCaprio. With or without a daydream, though, it's still romantic.


"Iris" — Goo Goo Dolls

If the line "I'd give up forever to touch you" doesn't make you blush down to your toes, then you're officially dead inside.


"Lovefool" — The Cardigans

"Lovefool" is the goofiest love song of the '90s, but also the most playful. It's the musical equivalent of teasing someone as a means for expressing your secret, undying Helga-Pataki-level of love for them.


"Lady" — D'Angelo

Look, if you've never made out to D'Angelo before, then you're doing it wrong.


"All My Life" — K-Ci & JoJo

Admit it: even if you've never wanted to get married, at some point in your life you've still dreamed of walking down the aisle to this song.


"I Swear" — All-4-One

This one too. In fact, you probably dreamed of using this song in place of actual marriage vows.


"Everlong" — Foo Fighters

Who says that romance has to be gentle? With "Everlong," the Foo Fighters proved that sometimes love is worth yelling about.


"My Love Is Your Love" — Whitney Houston

This is the most chill musical love letter you could ever play for another, but it's also one of the deepest.


"Kiss Me" — Sixpence None The Richer

You have to listen to this while sitting on a swing set next to your date under a star dazzled night sky. It's the law.


"I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" — Aerosmith

The ultimate '90s rock ballad to use to tell your loved one that you're sweet on them.


"Kiss From A Rose" — Seal

There's a good chance that not even Seal understands what these lyrics are getting at. But somehow the song still manages to make everyone feel lovelorn and giddy.


"Say Yes" — Elliott Smith

"Say Yes" is the simplest and sweetest song that the late singer-songwriter ever wrote, and it's impossible to listen to without breaking out into a full-blown grin.


"Angel Of Mine" — Monica

This is a song so dazzling that it will make you wish that you could turn it into a ring for your other half to take everywhere with them.


"Crash Into Me" — Dave Matthews Band

This song was good enough for Greta Gerwig's Lady Bird to crush over, so enough said.


"You Were Meant For Me" — Jewel

With somber verses that tip-toe into an exultant chorus "You Were Meant For Me" is like waking up grumpy before having a stack of freshly made pancakes shoved in front of you. You know, the truest love there is.


"I'll Make Love To You" — Boyz II Men

Drizzle the dulcet tones of Boyz II Men into any room to turn it instantly into a sexy boudoir.


"Head Over Feet" — Alanis Morissette

"Head Over Feet" is the perfect love song for low-key romantics. You know, the type of people who would rather show their love than speak their love — complete with a harmonica solo.


"I Love You Always Forever" — Donna Lewis

If your crush leaves you breathless, then Donna Lewis' ode to love is exactly the song to blast from a boombox outside their house.


"How Do I Live?" — LeAnn Rimes

This is just about one of the finest country ballads of the '90s.


"Lover, You Should've Come Over" — Jeff Buckley

The late singer really nailed the feeling of pining for someone with "Lover, You Should've Come Over." Especially with the hopeful chorus closing line of, "it's not too late."

Put all these songs together, and you're guaranteed a loved-up night. Happy listening.