You Can Buy The Magic Carpet From 'Aladdin' As A Pool Float


Not everyone can access a magic carpet, so most of us have to search for solid alternatives. Ever since Aladdin and Jasmine's iconic duet in the night sky, Disney fans all over the world have dreamed of a way to replicate the scene in their own lives. Now, there just might be. If you can't float in the air, you can still float on water. this summer is about to be filled with more aquatic Disney dance numbers than you ever imagined thanks to the Aladdin Magic Carpet Pool Float.

The Magic Carpet Pool Float from Oh My Disney is something out of your childhood dreams. First off, it's big. The rug portion of the item measures 72 inches, which isn't much different than your standard twin-sized mattress. The translucent base gives the appearance of the magic carpet painted on top floating through the air, or, in this case, the water. The details of the carpet are extremely similar to the actual magic flying carpet in Aladdin, tassels and all. But, no doubt the best part is the small inflatable Abu hanging on to the edge. He's even wearing his little fez hat. Not a single detail here was overlooked.

The pool float is made entirely of vinyl, and is usually available through the shopDisney website. Perhaps unsurprisingly, though, the float is currently on backorder.

Aladdin is probably not the first Disney flick that comes to mind when you think about the summer and swimming, but it would appear Disney is trying to change that. In fact, there isn't just an Aladdin Pool Float, there is an entire Aladdin beach line. While you my have to wait a bit to get your hands on an Aladdin pool float, there are ample other opportunities to make your summer more magical. Here are some standouts from the line.

Magic Carpet Beach Towel

You probably saw this one coming. The Magic Carpet Beach Towel, which looks identical to the design on the pool float, is a subtle way of showing off your love for Aladdin on the beach. Its vibrant colors and REAL TASSELS (clearly I'm a big fan of those) will make it easy to spot in a crowd and will serve as a perfect addition to any summery Instagram posts. On a functional level, the product description indicated the item has a soft plush topside, and is made from absorbent French terry knit backside.

Aladdin Swim Tote

You're gonna need a way to carry all your things to the beach or pool. Enter: the Aladdin Swim Tote. The tote itself doesn't swim, rather it is designed for housing all your swim gear. Aladdin and Jasmine are depicted atop the magic carpet with the words "Shining, Shimmering, Splendid" emblazoned in gold on top, a nod to arguably the best Disney song ever, "A Whole New World."

Now you have your accessories and your float, you nee something you wear on your person. Look no further than a pair of sunnies fit for royalty. They're moody, sparkly, and an oh-so-subtle nod to Princess Jasmine.