This 'AHS: 1984' Trailer Is What Summer Camp Nightmares Are Made Of


Sitting around the campfire eating s'mores and telling ghost stories may sound all well and good, but the new trailer for American Horror Story Season 9 is here to turn those childhood memories of summer camp into a living nightmare. Ryan Murphy posted the video on his Instagram account on Monday, Aug. 26, giving fans a longer taste of what AHS: 1984 has in store. Needless to say, be prepared to scream. A lot.

The footage shows main cast members Emma Roberts, Cody Fern, and Billie Lourd all on their way to serve as camp counselors for the summer, but the camp they're going to has a dark history behind it, which they soon discover firsthand. The trailer includes quite a few blink-and-you'll-miss-it moments, so expect to watch the teaser numerous times to take all of the horror and mayhem in. But one thing's for sure — this will prove to be a summer these characters won't soon forget. That is, if they live to tell the tale.

It turns out that there's a killer on the loose who likes to slash people's throats. (Apparently, his name is Mr. Jingles.) What are the odds that this guy ends up crossing paths with these characters? Based on the teaser, the answer is, unfortunately, pretty high.

On their way to Camp Redwood, the counselors end up hitting someone with their van, though they tell the nurse that they "found him" on the side of the road. (Anyone else getting some serious I Know What You Did Last Summer vibes from this?) Who is this mystery person and, perhaps more importantly, will they exact revenge over this little mishap? However, that may end up being the least of these characters' worries throughout the duration of their stay. Evidently — because, yup, this season is going to hit every single horror trope in the book — the camp is also home base to where a horrific massacre took place at some point in the past — and you know how history has a terrible knack for repeating itself. These campers may want to think about getting the heck out of dodge and soon before it's too late.

Killing and bloodbaths aside, though, the new season looks to be a lot of fun based on the '80s hairstyles and outfits alone. Fans were already given a sneak peek at the characters and the awesome styles they'd be rocking throughout the season thanks to a previous teaser. So, sure, they may all be doomed, but at least they'll look amazing while it's happening.

Sadly, though, there isn't enough hairspray and jazzercise ensembles in the world to protect these characters from getting slashed from ear to ear. One guy at the end of the trailer is shown telling the group in an ominous tone: "You're all gonna die." Given the video evidence, it's safe to say that truer words have never been spoken, though when you're dealing with a show like American Horror Story, you'd expect nothing less.