Twitter Is Loving This Ridiculous Angelina Jolie Hot Dog Story

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Some Twitter trends are just so ridiculous they simply create themselves. On Monday, Aug. 21, Page Six reported that actor Angelina Jolie left a Target in Los Angeles with daughters Shiloh and Vivienne without the one item they came for — hot dogs. Although some cynical tweeters scoffed at the story as a poor excuse for news, others empathized with Jolie and her kids. Sometimes, shopping experiences are just unsatisfactory, and people need to know about it, right?

According to Page Six, Jolie was wrapped up in a sweater on a 90 degree summer day to escort her two girls to the superstore. Totally normal. However, upon learning that the cafe in the store didn't serve the classic American treat, "The kids were disappointed, so they all left." The nerve!

Well, from the looks of Twitter, folks are equally pissed for the Jolie-Pitts and won't let Target get away with this slight. Although Jolie hasn't made an official statement about this inexcusable event, fans are exalting Jolie to hero-status for taking her children out of the establishment like any good American. Next time, she should check out Nathan's, Pink's, or Five Guys. There's even an official guide to the best L.A. hot dog spots just in case Jolie and her brood run into the same problem. But walking out of a Target empty-handed is simply unacceptable.

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Ah, gotta love Twitter. Although the Page Six story was hardly newsworthy, it certainly provided a good laugh. An end of summer barbecue sounds like just what the Jolie-Pitts need to get over their Target trauma.