Someone Drew An "F Trump" Message In The Middle Of An English Farm & He Just Might See It

Jasper Juinen/Getty Images News/Getty Images

President Trump has landed in the United Kingdom, and on Friday, he'll be flying to the English countryside to hold talks with Prime Minister Theresa May. But as Trump flies across the U.K., the crop field below him will say "F*ck Trump" in Russian, thanks to an initially anonymous group of artists who apparently wanted to give Trump a special welcome to the U.K.

"We wanted to do something impactful that would get people talking ahead of Trump's arrival, and everyone loves a crop circle mystery," a spokesman for the marketing agency known as The Tenth Man, which has claimed responsibility for the message, told the Bucks Herald. The agency credited Circlemakers, an organization that touts themselves as England's crop circle experts, with actually putting their message into the crop field.

The Herald published photos of the crop field in question, which now has an enormous flattened circle with the obscene phrase visible in the center. The owner of the field told the Herald he'd been approached by someone who wanted to use his field to send the U.S. president a message.

"I was approached by an artist, who wished to remain anonymous to use one of my crop fields," the landowner told the Herald. "They were specifically looking for one in the flight path that Donald Trump will take when he comes to the U.K. this week." The field in question is believed to be located along the flight path Trump will traverse via helicopter when he travels to Chequers later this week.

The owner of the field said that although his feelings about Trump were "completely neutral," he considered the matter to be a business transaction as he'd been compensated for the use of his field and the damage to his crops, which he said "won't be salvageable." According to the Herald, he would not reveal how much he'd received for the use of his land.

A spokesman for the Tenth Man told the Herald the agency had been concerned that their message, which appeared overnight Sunday, might go unnoticed by the public given its rural location. "We were worried no one would find out about it, but luckily it was spotted by the local Air Ambulance and according to the farmer, locals and reporters have been coming all week to photograph it," the paper quoted the spokesman as saying. "It would have been easy enough to blame the Russians, but it was us with the help of a translator and the geniuses at Circlemakers of course."

The Tenth Man describes itself as a marketing and advertising provider that uses the Tenth Man ideology as its guiding principle in finding "different, dynamic, and innovative ways to build brands."

But The Tenth Man's obscene crop circle won't be the only large and visible anti-Trump protest to happen in the United Kingdom during President Trump's visit. In London, activists crowdfunded the construction of an enormous balloon depicting Trump as an orange baby wearing a diaper, with plans to fly it over London during his trip. In addition, a demonstration scheduled to take place in the city on Friday already has nearly 65,000 planned attendees on Facebook. As such, Trump is reportedly planning on avoiding London as much as possible while he's in the United Kingdom.

But while Trump appears set to largely skirt the London protests planned against him, the obscene crop circle insult, which measures more than 650 feet wide, waiting for him on a farm in Stoke Mandeville will be a hard message to miss. "It's almost as big as Donald Trump's ego so we're pretty confident he'll see it," The Tenth Man told the Herald.

Morgan Brinlee contributed to this report.