This App Recommends A New Book Every Time You Open A Tab

Let's face it, in our quick moving, constantly evolving web-based society, it can be hard not to want to see, read, watch, shop, and explore all at once. It starts with one amazing article or one delicious recipe and the next thing you know you're keeping up pages to save for later that you're NEVER going to come back to.

It's not as simple as stopping, though, let's be honest. Opening up new tabs and managing multiple things at once is compulsive to some people and they (we) can't be blamed for that. So what if 15 tabs is a lot, maybe we like it.

Well, now you can stop the tab haters in your life with a new bookish computer app called 100 Million Books. Working on both Chrome and other browsers, 100 Million Books is incredibly simple but lots of fun. Every time you open a new tab—and you know you will—it shows you a new book.

What was once a bad computer habit, is now a way to expand our library and to see books that we may never have looked into before. This wasn't something someone made for no reason, either. This Medium post, written by the folks behind the app, explains exactly why they made it.

"...100 Million Books, a browser extension that shows you a new idea from a new book every time you open a new tab. There are no categories and no social features and no algorithms whatsoever. From fiction to nonfiction, old to new, science to literature, etc…it presents you the world."

Raise your hand if you open too many tabs on your computer.

Raise your hand if someone has addressed the problem with your 15+ tabs and you still can't help yourself.

Raise your hand if you're going to download this app.

It's a simple and beautiful thing and a welcome addition to any book lovers computer. 100 Millions Books may ultimately make the tab epidemic worse, but at least we'll be discovering lots of new books. Just be careful not to open too many or...