This Disney Princess Beauty Headband Will Be The Best Part Of Your Skin Care Routine

Spoiled Brat

You are a princess at every moment of the day, even when you're scrubbing off last night's mascara and having your eyeliner run down your cheeks. That's what the new Disney Princess Makeup Headband from the brand Mad Beauty would like you to remember, simultaneously keeping your hair away from your cleanser while crowning you queen. Mad Beauty is a UK beauty brand that likes to focus on creating the novel and the quirky. While they pump out products like Pop Tart-shaped lip balms and Bath Fizzers stored in cute soda cans, they also have an always-expanding collection of Disney products. From Disney princess sheet masks that come in your favorite characters — from Jasmine to Ariel — to princess inspired body lotions, there are a lot of fun, childhood-throwback products to pick from.

But the makeup headband is extra cute because it literally crowns you as you're tackling your skincare routine. Channeling Princess Aurora, this adjustable headband is perfect for when you're applying makeup because it keeps all the wisps from your eyes, or while applying face masks or taking care of your exfoliation because it pulls your bangs back. It's pink, comes in a one-size-fits-all size, and is made from a super soft microfiber. The golden crown sits on top of the headband, turning into a tiara when you slip it over your hair. If you thought putting on your expensive night cream was pampering, just wait until you dab it on with a crown on your head. It's a whole other playing field.

Disney Princess Makeup Headband Aurora, $21, Spoiled Brat

People loved the idea on Instagram, flooding the comment sections with love. "Oh my god, I need," one follower wrote. "Princess every morning," another shared.

In case being a royal isn't exactly your thing, Mad Beauty created another headband for Disney lovers: The Minnie Mouse version. Using the same concept and microfiber material, this option is black and replaces the crown for a pair of iconic mouse ears and a red and white polka dot bow.

Disney Minnie Head Band, $7, Mad Beauty

It's fun and playful and will be sure to change your morning routine by weaving your love of Disney with with your love of makeup. But as mentioned before, these aren't the only Disney inspired products Mad Beauty has. To tempt you even more, below are a few of other novel options.

1. Disney Princess Face Masks

Disney Princess Face Mask, $5, Mad Beauty

Each sheet mask costs $5.50, and it will transform you into your favorite character. Each mask is infused with different ingredients to pamper your skin. For example, Ariel's version has cucumber to hydrate and moisturize skin, Belle's is made with rose water to calm your complexion for a healthy glow, and Jasmine's has antioxidant green tea, which refreshes the skin.

2. Disney Mrs Potts And Chip Lip Gloss

Disney Mrs. Potts And Chip Lip Gloss, $11, Mad Beauty

Don't apply your balm with a regular old chapstick. Instead, bring the magic of Beauty and the Beast into your moisturizing routine with this Mrs. Potts and Chip lip gloss set. Mrs Potts has strawberry balm whereas Chip has grape.

3. Disney Alice Lip Gloss Duo

Disney Alice Lip Gloss Duo, $8, Mad Beauty

Another teapot set that can bring you lip balm goodness is Alice's tea set. These two offer up pear and strawberry flavors, giving you a quirky way to relieve your lips from their winter dryness.

Whether you put on a princess crown to wash your face or hydrate your lips using Mrs. Potts, these are fun additions to any beauty lover's rotation.