Disney Just Launched A 'Beauty & The Beast' Dishware Line & You'll Want Every Piece

Only Disney can make an anthropomorphized teapot a beloved film character. One of the most memorable scenes from Beauty and the Beast involves a musical number in the palace with the kitchen items and a candelabra. The animated scene is more akin to that from a live Broadway production than a cartoon as Belle whooshes around in her iconic golden gown. Mrs. Potts, Chip, Cogsworth, and Lumiere all play notable roles in the number.

It would be difficult to create this seen exactly outside of the movie, but now you can channel it with the Beauty and the Beast dishware line.

Before there were movies that fully embrace food and serving it as central plot themes, there was Beauty and the Beast. The 1991 film follows a young girl from a small French village in her search for her missing father. She discovers he has been taken prisoner by a prince-turned-beast, and finds much more than she bargained for. It is a story of adventure, sacrifice and the many different forms of love. Is legacy has carried on over 25 years, and even became a live action film in 2017.

The struggle to emulate one's love of Disney as an adult has been brought up before. Those who fail to understand the Disney lifestyle see it as purely kids' stuff. Next time someone dismisses your soft spot for gentle, bookish princesses in luxurious golden gowns, show them the elegant pieces available on shopDisney now.


Beauty and the Beast Flatware Set

With delicate, intricate details on each piece in this set, the Beauty and the Beast flatware set is sure to wow even the most committed Disney skeptics. The spoons sport images of Lumiere and Chip; the forks of Cogsworth and Mrs. Potts. The knife, of course, reads "Be Our Guest" in sophisticated script.


Be Our Guest Stemmed Wine Glass

This glass, the shape of which is typically used to serve red wines, is a subtle nod to Beauty and the Beast. A black sketch adorns the clear glass for a subtle, but present design. The black base serves as a perfect complement.


Be Our Guest Stemmed Wine Glass

The second of the wine glasses available in the line, this Be Our Guest Stemmed Wine Glass is larger, and a bit longer. It's typically used to serve white wines.


Beauty and the Beast Glass Flute Set

Having a pair of champagne flutes is the perfect way to let your guests know you know how to throw a fancy party and you have more than enough tools to do so. Alternatively, these would be a great gift for a couple with a soft spot for Disney. For an extra wow, they can be personalized, and etched with a custom message.


Be Our Guest Table Runner

This long, fabric table runner is the perfect way to tie the entire set together. The black fabric is sketched with fine white designs that match those featured on the pieces in the rest of the collection.


Be Our Guest Placemat

These placemats are designed similarly to the table runner, with a base of black fabric and an accent of white detail. Lumiere adorns the bottom right corner, and a sash that reads "Be our Guest" is on the bottom left.