This Blogger Transformed Herself Into Taylor Swift & It’s So Good It’s Creepy

If you think you've seen every makeup tutorial you need, then think again. Korean beauty vlogger Pony Makeup transformed herself into Taylor Swift for a recent video, and the end result will make you do a double take. Using all the typical makeup techniques that you know and love, the vlogger basically turns herself into a carbon copy of Swift.

Whether you're a Swift fan or just looking to entertained for seven minutes, you can't go wrong with Pony Makeup's Swift tutorial. To say that the makeup artist committed to the task is an understatement. Pony Makeup uses products that you probably have in your makeup bag already, but this is unlike anything you've seen before.

The most mesmerizing part of the video is her highlight and contour work. First the blogger uses cream stick products to alter the appearance of her face shape. The she later goes in with a dark shadow to make her eye and nose shape mirror Swift's. She even uses different liners to contour her eye lids. It's incredible, really.

She finished it up with all the Swift staples, like black winged liner and red lipstick, but went a little further too. The blogger sealed the deal on the look by adding fake freckles and contouring her mouth to look exactly like the singer's pout.

Pony Makeup YouTube

She goes beyond just using makeup to completely transform herself, adding contacts and a wig as well. Honestly, if I saw her on the street, I would think she was Swift.

Pony Makeup YouTube

You have to see this for yourself to believe it. This isn't the first time Pony Makeup has transformed herself into a celebrity either — she also has a Kylie Jenner tutorial.

PONY Makeup on YouTube

How crazy is that! Needless to say that this girl has talent. Here's the full Swift tutorial, if you're looking to try and learn some skills. I will warn you though, this is not your typical makeup look.