This Britney Spears Song Has Been About Katy Perry The Whole Time

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Here is something I learned today: There is a Britney Spears song about Katy Perry. No, this is not a “Bad Blood” situation. It is a “babely bod” situation. (It will all make sense in a second, I promise.) As HelloGiggles pointed out, singer/songwriter/pop genius Bonnie McKee recently tweeted that Perry is the subject of a Spears single. When a fan asked her about “Hold It Against Me” on Wednesday night on twitter, McKee said the 2011 tune, which she co-wrote with Max Martin and Dr. Luke, is about the “Bon Appétit” pop star. “The inspiration for @britneyspears 's song Hold it Against Me was @katyperry's babely bod,” tweeted McKee. “True story.”

Again, I had no idea. But now that this nugget of information is in my life, I will never let it go. I will hold it against me always and forever. No, not like that. Don’t be weird.

Though this is all news to me, the tweet was not the first time the “Bombastic” singer has addressed the song’s lyrics. In a 2013 interview with The Hollywood Reporter, McKee said,

“‘Hold It Against Me’ was actually inspired by Katy because I was writing with her at the time and I went in the other room where I was working on Britney in between. She came into the room in some tight, sexy little dress and I jokingly said, ‘Damn, Katy if I told you you had a nice body would you hold it against me?’ I was like, ‘Bingo!’ and I wrote that song.”

One of the Femme Fatale songs happens to reference a conversation McKee had with Perry in between Teenage Dream writing sessions? "Hold It Against Me," you are a delectable parfait of pop music goodness.

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Forever a jam.

Thanks for inspiring it, Perry!