This Capital Gazette GoFundMe Makes Helping The Journalists Affected So Simple

Alex Wroblewski/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The Capital Gazette shooting on June 28 resulted in the deaths of at least five journalists, and ever since news of the shooting first broke colleagues in the industry have been incredibly supportive. One fellow journalist in particular went the extra mile and started a GoFundMe to help the Capital Gazette journalists. And if you want to show your solidarity with the reporters affected by the shooting, you can contribute as well.

Madi Alexander, a Bloomberg Government data journalist, started the GoFundMe account, tweeting out a link to the donation page she set up in support.

"Journalists at the paper are reporting on the deaths of their own colleagues." Alexander wrote in the donation page's mission. She continues,

Please give what you can to help the Capital Gazette newsroom and their journalists. Our hearts break for our colleagues in Annapolis and we want to do whatever we possibly can to help them pay for medical bills, funeral costs, newsroom repairs, and any other unforeseen expenses that might arise as a result of this terrible shooting.

"Both GoFundMe and Capital Gazette staff will be consulted before any funds are withdrawn or distributed," the page goes on to ensure. "Accountability and transparency are important. GoFundMe has turned off the ability for anyone to withdraw money from this fundraiser without their approval."

Many political figures are speaking out in response to the shooting. Former Arizona state representative, Gabby Giffords, spoke out about the incident later on Thursday saying, "reporters shouldn't have to hide from gunfire while doing their jobs," according to The Hill. Giffords was a victim of gun violence herself when she was shot in the head at a constituent event in 2011 and has since been an advocate for gun control.

“We shouldn’t have to live in a country where our lawmakers refuse to take any action to address this uniquely American crisis that’s causing so much horror and heartbreak on what feels like a daily basis,” she said in a statement, adding that "time and time again [lawmakers]...have failed to show the courage" to keep citizens safe. "Americans are demanding that their lawmakers pass effective laws that can protect our communities and stop dangerous people from accessing guns, but this Congress refuses to listen."

"We should be outraged." she added. "And we should be making plans to hold them accountable. I'm ready to stand with voters and make our voices heard loud and clear in November."

The emotional effects of the shooting could even be felt in Canada, with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeting his condolences that evening.

"Journalists tell the stories of our communities, protect democracy, and often put their lives on the line just to do their jobs," he tweeted. "Today's attack in Annapolis is devastating. Our hearts go out to all the victims and their families."

From the White House, Press Secretary Sarah Sanders tweeted her respects, condemning "the evil act of senseless violence."

"A violent attack on innocent journalists doing their job is an attack on every American. Our prayers are with the victims and their friends and families." She tweeted.

President Trump also tweeted about the situation, saying his "thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families." But that seemed to be all that he had to say about the tragedy.

As seen in a clip from NBC News, the president walked across the White House lawn without a word while reporters ask him to talk about "the dead reporters in Annapolis." And when they asked him if he has "any words of condolences" for the families that lost a loved one, he stayed silent.

Michael Cohen, a columnist for the Boston Globe, tweeted that it took everything in him not to "hurl something at the television" after watching the president walk by the reporters, sparing only a wave.

"Five journalists killed in a newsroom and the president of the United States can't even be bothered to speak to reporters about it," he tweeted.

Within six hours of starting the GoFundMe, the donation page is a little less than eight thousand dollars away from its $50,000 goal. In thanking supporters of the GoFundMe page for their love and support, Madi also encouraged them to subscribe to a local newspaper.