Urban Outfitters Has A Shower "Catty" Specifically For Cat Lovers

by Lia Beck
Urban Outfitters

Hello, cat people! (Which is to say, people who like cats. Not those terrifying cat-people in the new Cats trailer.) If you really love cats to the point that owning cats is not enough and you need cat-related decor in your home, too, I have just the thing for you. Urban Outfitters has a cat shower caddy. Or a shower catty, if you really want to go there.

The stainless steel caddy is gold, which would make for a nice touch in a shower, and while it's shaped like a cat, it still looks pretty functional. The cat's tail is the part that hangs onto the shower head, and one of the cat's hind legs makes up the shelf for shampoo, soap, and other beauty products. There's also a couple hooks at the bottom that could work for washcloths and a special hook that holds a razor. At $49 it is pricey, but it could make a good gift for a cat-lover you know... or just a gift for yourself. I mean, a shower caddy isn't something that really needs to be replaced, so if you do like cats — and feel that you're pretty unwavering in that stance — you could keep this for years. The cost-per-shower would become low pretty quickly.

The catty shower caddy is not the only cat item Urban Outfitters has available — far from it — so if you are interested in some more cat house/apartment/dorm decor for yourself or a friend, here are a few other options.

Cat Cheese Board

This wood cheese board with brass accents combines two interests that a large segment of the population will love to see overlap: cats and cheese.

Cat Magnet Set

Need some fridge magnets? Love cats? Here ya go.

Sitting Cat Sponge

This one is pretty ridiculous since sponges need to be replaced fairly often, but just look at it. It really has a certain je n'ais se quoi.

Wine Lives Corkscrew

It's a corkscrew that looks like a cat with a punny name. Well, a punny name that's all too real if you do have a wine life.

Cat Shaped Essential Oil Diffuser

If you need an essential oil diffuser, it might as well be shaped like a cat and have the steam come out of the top of the cat's head. It's both sweet and very eerie.

Cats Shower Curtain

This black and white cotton shower curtain has cute little cats all over it. For the person who wants their bathroom to say, "Cats!" but not in too flashy a way.

Kitty Soap Dispenser

This ceramic cat looks very pleased to be full of soap and helping you keep your hands clean.

Is that enough cat home decor for ya? Unless you really want to go over-the-top, might I suggest using only a couple of these at once. At a certain point, a cat-filled house can start getting a little spooky.

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