This Clue About Spencer's Twin In 'Pretty Little Liars' Would Change Everything

Eric McCandless/Freeform

OK, at this point I think it's almost safe to say that Spencer has a twin on Pretty Little Liars. The clues have slowly but surely been adding up for ages and some are super subtle — for example, during a random table tennis scene, she switched to the paddle from her right hand to her left in order to score the winning point. Another "blink and you'll miss it" clue emerged in the May 23 episode — and luckily the hosts of Bustle's Pretty Little Liars podcast Taking This One to the Grave are here to help us play armchair detective.

Bustle TV editor Allison Piwowarski is convinced that the person at the airport with Wren wasn't truly Spencer. For starters, she points out that shortly before the airport scene, Spencer was totally shaken up after her conversation with Detective Furey. But the "Spencer" we saw at the airport was cool as a cucumber. Then there's the matter of her exchange with Ezra. It seems out of character that she made a big deal of requesting that he not tell anyone about their encounter.

Furthermore, it's totally sketchy that she didn't ask Ezra why he was at the airport and where he was going. But, if Spencer's twin was the one talking to Ezra, it makes perfect sense — she would have assumed that "real" Spencer knew exactly why he was there and asking questions would have raised suspicions.

Plus, while all roads on Pretty Little Liars lead back to Radley — I'm starting to think that all roads also lead back to the matter of Spencer's bangs. Last season, one of the biggest clues that she may have a twin was when she visited Hanna in a "dream sequence" that was probably not a dream at all. Spencer's bangs were conspicuously absent as she comforted Hanna and sang her to sleep. The Spencer seen at the airport this week did have bangs — but they were a different style than "real" Spencer's. She rocked a side-bang style, while Spencer's current bangs fall straight across her forehead.

Spencer's exchange with Wren at the airport also raised some alarm bells — the nature of their argument indicated that the two may be more working together. I'm a huge fan of the theory that Uber A is Spencer's evil twin and that Wren is part of the A game — and the airport scene provided further clues that both these theories might come to fruition.