This Color-Changing Hair Dye Responds To Temperature, So The Future Is Now

Here's a cool thing! The faint of hair dye heart among us probably know the fear of committing to one color (my hand is firmly raised). What if we don't like it, what if it's hard to maintain, what if it changes us down to our core essential self? All good questions, but one enterprising scientist just rendered them irrelevant, with a new kind of hair dye that channels X-Men powers hardcore. This color-changing hair dye shifts based on temperature, so you can be platinum in the sheets, and a blue-haired person in the streets. Yup: seeing is believing on this one.

Debuting at London Fashion Week from appropriately coolly named company the Unseen, one of the hair dyes turns from platinum to blue as temperatures fall, while the other goes from black to red as the air heats up. According to Elle, the color-changing dye relies on a "carbon-based molecule that undergoes a reversible reaction with itself" at certain temperatures.

An Instagram post from the company's founder, alchemist Lauren Bowker, explains the origin story: inspired by the blonde-ing scene in The Craft, she decided to make it happen in our year of the future, 2017. "An idea is only an idea until someone makes it happen! 6 months ago @ilikegrey and I were watching The Craft and It dawned on me that their world was now!," Bowker wrote. "If you can believe it you will see it! And why wouldn't you!?"

The company's slogan is "harnessing material science to create Magick," which, yep, checks out, I love it.

The dye went viral ASAP, with editors over at New York pointing out how perfect it is for calling out cold offices, which is real and needed. Over on Twitter, people are equally stoked, to say the very least.

My first thought was that the Hunger Games' Capitol is getting realer every day. Fantasy: now reality.

Minus any dystopia connotations though, the future could be living color.

It's not commercially available yet, but Bowker plans to partner with a brand, so hopefully soon (Bustle has reached out to the brand for comment). Can't wait to see what the grow-out process is like, which is thought I've never before had.

Images: Courtesy of T H E U N S E E N, Directed By Christel Chaudet, Hair By Kieran Tudor, Makeup by Mizzie Logan. Model: Jemima Kinsella Storm Models